World of Tanks: Tips and Tricks (Part 2)

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World of Tanks: Tips and Tricks (Part 2)
  • PROMOTION: Understanding the game mechanics in World of Tanks is what will really lead you down the path to victory.

Game Mechanics

Understanding the game mechanics in World of Tanks is what will really lead you down the path to victory. The in-game tutorial, while sufficient for learning the basics, misses out on some of the subtleties that add depth to the combat.



View Range:

Now this is how you look for that evasive enemy!

Think of view range as a sort of fog of war. You can view tanks that are within a certain distance from you, so if you have a viewing range of 400m, you will be able to spot tanks that are, at most, 400m away from you. View range is affected by a variety of factors however, and the important ones are as follows:


Crew Skill: We’ll be talking about crew skill in detail in the next article, but for now you need to know that your Commander’s Crew Skill directly affects view range. A commander with a skill of 50% will only be half as effective as one with a skill of 100%.

Bushes and Trees: Foliage of all forms will render any tank hiding behind it invisible (as long as the enemy tank is at least 15m away). Be warned that firing your weapon will render all bushes transparent, within a 15m radius.


Modules: Add-on modules will also be covered in more detail later on, but for now, all you need to know is that there are certain pieces of equipment that you can purchase to enhance your view range. “Coated Optics” will increase your view range by 10% across the board and a module called “Binocular Telescopes” will increase your view range by 25%, but only provided that you are stationary for a certain amount of time. Telescopes are perfect if you’re play more like a camper or a scout. Another module called the Camouglage Net will improve your camo rating by 25% when you’re stationary for a little while; this is the perfect companion to the binocular telescopes.


Move along, nothing to see here. I’m just a harmless little bush!


This is a stat that determines your visibility. If you have a camo rating of 10%, then an enemy tank’s view range will be reduced by 10% with regards to your tank. Therefore a tank that would normally spot you at 400m will only be able to spot you at 360m. Camouflage stats vary by tank as follows:

Heavy tanks: These tanks have the lowest camo rating and this value drops drastically when you’re on the move.

Medium tanks: These tanks have a decent camo rating and drop in rating is less severe when you’re on the move.


Light tanks: These tanks have the highest camo rating and as an added bonus, they maintain their full camo rating even while on the move, making them much harder to spot than any other class of tank.

Tank Destroyers: These tanks have a very high camo rating as well, though not as high as that of light tanks. These tanks are designed for providing supporting fire from deep cover and the camo rating helps in this regard. The camo rating does drop when they move.

Radio range

While your view range is important, it’s of no help if you can’t communicate with your team-mates. When you spot an enemy tank, your team-mates know off it only because you’re able communicate with them via your radio. If your team-mates are not within range, you will not know where they are what they see and vice-versa. Radio range is upgraded by upgrading your radio module (and a crew skill) but is only really a factor in low-tier games as high-tier radios are usually powerful enough.

Spotting mechanics



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