Tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile’s new Payload Mode
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Tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile’s new Payload Mode

Payload mode in PUBG Mobile is locked to 4-man squads. PUBG Mobile's Payload mode offers a whole range of new weapons. The new PUBG Mobile mode is loaded with some cool and unique features.

Digit NewsDesk  | Published 06 Nov 2019 16:22 IST

PUBG Mobile introduced a new Payload Mode and it is now available on the stable version of the game for all players. It is available as part of EvoGrounds. A lot of players are still getting used to the new elements (helicopters, missile launchers, airstrikes, etc) in the mode. Here are five tips on how to use these elements to your advantage and get that chicken dinner.

Weapons Galore – Payload mode offers a whole range of new weapons, right from a heat-seeking missile (M3E1-A) to your very own ‘Terminator’ styled machine gun (M134 Minigun). Make sure your entire squad has one of these special weapons as their secondary weapon, they will definitely come in handy. A single-player equipped with the M134 Minigun can provide more cover fire than an entire squad. Your teammate, equipped with the MGL Grenade Launcher, will automatically become an OP grenadier during a firefight. Combine one of these special weapons with your favourite AR for a well-balanced weapons loadout.

If at first you don’t succeed, call an airstrike – Use the Air Strike beacon to flush out a squad from a hidden or well-entrenched position. There might have been multiple instances when your opponent squad held the higher ground or were hiding behind a ridge and taking out your teammates, one by one. The Air Strike beacon comes in handy in such situations when you want to break the opponent’s defences in open area and storm them while they are running around trying to seek cover from the airstrike. Players have to just make sure that they don’t stay too close to the area chosen to be bombed

A friend in need is a friend indeed – Always make sure to pick up your downed teammate’s ID card. Given that the Payload mode is locked to 4-man squads, there is definitely strength in numbers. Using the recall feature, make sure you are able to revive your defeated teammates by collecting their ID cards and taking them to the nearest Communication Tower. If you are outnumbered and see your teammates downed, make sure to throw smokes all around, pick up their IDs and make your getaway in the smoke. Remember it is better to run away from a firefight and take cover when you are outnumbered; you can always exact your revenge after your revive your teammate.

Using unique Payload mode features to your advantage – The new mode is loaded with some cool and unique features. Be it a vehicle repair kit, or the feature that lets you heal while you run or while travelling in a vehicle; players must ensure that they use these to their advantage.  For example, while the M3E1-A missile launcher is meant for vehicles, you can also use it on people; if you carry an M79 or MGL then you can avoid carrying grenades and thereby save some backpack space.
Air supremacy – The helicopters in this mode are very handy for your squad when you are chasing those ‘super airdrops’, that are probably halfway across the map. Your squad must ensure that there is good coordination amongst themselves, whilst being on a helicopter. There is a certain amount of danger, as the helicopter is exposed from 360 degrees and can be taken down by a missile launcher. Flying the helicopter takes a little bit of getting used to; always remember to maintain high altitudes, flying low will make you an easy target.

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