5 things we learned after watching 14 minutes of Horizon Forbidden West PS5 gameplay

5 things we learned after watching 14 minutes of Horizon Forbidden West PS5 gameplay
  • Sony showed off Horizon Forbidden West PS5 gameplay.

  • The gameplay shows off new gadgets that Aloy will be able to use in her quest.

  • Developer Guerrilla Games has not announced a release date for the game yet.

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most anticipated games for the PS4 and PS5 (review) and we finally have our first look at the game in action. The nearly 14 minutes long State of Play video released by PlayStation shows a mix of in-game action and cinematics and boy-o-boy does the game look gorgeous. We did see some hints of new elements of the game during the reveal trailer last year, but today we have a host of new information about what players can expect to do in Horizon Forbidden West. While Sony has confirmed the game will be released for the PS4 and PS5, there is no release date yet. We are going to take a look at five new things we learned about Horizon Forbidden West from watching the gameplay. If you missed out on the gameplay video, you can catch it below. 

Raiders riding machines

While Horizon Zero Dawn did have elements of enemies controlling machines, they were not as efficient at capturing and taming them as Aloy. It looks that's changed in the Forbidden West as the gameplay reveal shows a tribe with the ability to not only tame and ride the machines, but also command them in combat. 

New machines

While Horizon Zero Dawn had an impressive roster of machines for you to fight, it looks like the Forbidden West is filled with more danger. The game features larger and more treacherous enemies for you to fight. This includes the Sunwing, which looks a lot like Pterosaurs in the sky, Clawstriders and Tremortusks (giant robot elephants) on land, and Snapmaws in the water. There are a lot more mechanical foes in the game that have yet to be revealed. 

More traversing options

One of the criticisms of Horizon Zero Dawn was that you could only traverse marked terrain. While that seems to be the case in Forbidden West as well, the maneuverable terrain has increased considerably. With a quick tap of the focus, Aloy can identify traversable terrain to either gain higher ground or simply make a quick escape. 

She also has access to the Pullcaster, which is like Batman’s grappling hook to make a speedy getaway in case things get messy. There is also the Shieldwing, which is the Horizon equivalent of Breath of the Wild's gliders to glide to safety. These new traversal options will not only add to exploration but also have the potential to drastically change combat in the game. 

Swimming and underwater mechanics 

The one place Aloy couldn't go in Zero Dawn was underwater. It looks like there will be a lot of underwater gameplay in Forbidden West. With a Diving Mask, Aloy can breathe underwater. There are specific places underwater where Aloy can hide from the Snapmaws and also specific places she can grab onto to boost herself against a strong current. It will be interesting to see how expansive the underwater gameplay is. Maybe God of War 2 style underwater puzzles?

New gear and weapons

We’ve already spoken about the Pullcaster and the Diving Mask, but it looks like Aloy has some other new toys in her arsenal as well. She looks to have some new melee attacks and some new attachments for her spear to take down tougher foes. The demo also shows off a sticky projectile that Aloy can shoot to slow down enemies. She also has new weapons in addition to her trusty bow and arrow. It will be interesting to see the new weapons Aloy comes across in the Forbidden West. 

The developers have said that this is but a glimpse of what players will experience in the Forbidden West. While we are sad that the game doesn't have a release date yet, we are excited to embark on the journey to the Forbidden West with Aloy on the PS5!

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