Here are 5 reasons why you should buy the Nintendo Switch in 2020

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy the Nintendo Switch in 2020

The Nintendo Switch is the must-buy console in 2020. Why? Well, read on to find out exactly why.

It’s been 4 years since the Nintendo Switch was released but the Japanese gaming giant is still an enigmatic player in India. Walk around any electronics store and you’ll see a ton of PlayStation 4’s and Xbox One’s but not a single Nintendo console in sight, but that’s all changing now as gamers have started getting their hands on the aforementioned Nintendo Switch and are having the time of their lives. If there was a good time to buy the Switch, this is it. With the amount of new games, old classics and upcoming titles on the platform, 2020 really is the best time to pick one up. We’ve listed 5 reasons why you, as a gamer, need to own a Switch in 2020. Read on. 

Nintendo’s always been about the games

Since the early days of Nintendo, the games have always been the main focus of the brand. Sony and Microsoft are not just gaming companies but technology companies that have a gaming sub-division. Nintendo, on the other hand, are just a video game company. They don’t manufacture TVs, Operating Systems etc. They just make great games. Some of their first party titles are some of the best games released during the decade. From the masterpiece that is Breath of The Wild, to the pure fun of Mario Odyssey, Nintendo are all about the games. 

The Nintendo Switch is a retro gaming monster

If you’re a fan of Retro games then you can’t go wrong with the Nintendo Switch. The company that game us Mario and Metroid have also given users access to a lot of games that were released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Super Nintendo. Games like Super Metroid and even Tetris have made their way to the Switch as full ports of their original versions. These games are fun to play and if you’ve never owned an NES or a Super NES, this is the next best thing. 

Portability is a huge plus

The fact that you can carry the Nintendo Switch with you wherever you go is a huge plus. Imagine playing Doom on the local train or playing Breath of the Wild on a long car journey. No doubt, the graphics on the PS4 and the Xbox One are far superior but a toned down port of your favourite games on the go? Count us in. A long journey is now just another opportunity to get a few games in. If you’re a commuter or travel to work every morning, the Nintendo Switch is the ideal console for a quick bout of Mortal Kombat on-the-go. 

Couch Co-op is where it’s at

For some of us, playing games with our friends in front of the TV was how we got in gaming. As time passed and the internet became what it now is, multi-player gaming moved online to the nameless, faceless hordes of pimply teenagers and away from the living room. The Nintendo Switch brings that long-lost experience back. The Joy Cons are not as versatile and practical as the Dualshock 4 or the Xbox One controller, but it’s still great for a quick game of Mario Kart. 

It's a great gateway console 

If you want to move to console gaming but don’t have a massive budget, then something like the Switch Lite is the console you should buy. It’s much cheaper than the PS4 or Xbox One and it’s still portable. With games like The Witcher : The Wild Hunt and Doom getting polished ports on the Switch and even Red Dead Redemption 2 being rumored to hit the portable console, 2020 is the best time for you to join the Nintendo bandwagon. 

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