Sony TVs will be first to house Google Assistant inside

Sony TVs will be first to house Google Assistant inside

Sony says Google’s voice assistant will feature in its new TV sets through a firmware update later in the year.

Looks like you will soon be able to talk to your Sony TV and have it help you in your daily tasks. That is, if you have deep pockets to splurge on the company’s powerful 4K televisions. Sony has confirmed that its TVs will soon house the Google Assistant inside them. Currently, the Google Assistant is only available on the company’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, with a few more devices set to get the AI voice assistant in the near future.

As far as smart TVs go, Sony faces fierce competition from the likes of LG with its OLED panels and Samsung with its Quantum Dot technology. Having the Google Assistant on their 4K televisions will definitely give Sony an edge over its competitors. With the Google Assistant onboard, users will be able to operate their televisions using voice commands. So the television will be able to change channels, switch from DTH to chromecast, pop open Netflix, play YouTube videos, with simple voice commands and sans any remote control.

We learnt, back in January, that the Google Assistant for Android TV is part of an upcoming update for Android TVs running Marshmallow or Nougat. Back then, Google had said that the NVIDIA Shield will be the first TV device to support Google Assistant and the feature will be made available to other hardware products like the Sony Bravia and Xiaomi Mi-Box later. 

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