Netflix recommended TVs for 2019 announced

Netflix recommended TVs for 2019 announced
  • Each year Netflix releases a list of TVs that they recommend for the best viewing experience.

  • This year's list comprises of TVs from three brands - Sony, Samsung and Panasonic.

  • Surprisingly, LG isn't a part of the list.

If you are looking to binge watch your favourite Netflix shows on a large screen, chances are you are doing it on a TV. For a seamless Netflix experience, the streaming service recommends a list of criteria that needs to be fulfilled for a TV to have the badge of “Netflix Recommended TV”. Before we list the 2019 TVs that Netflix recommends, here is a look at the criteria the TV needs to fulfil. A TV manufacturer needs to fulfil 5 out of the 7 criteria to qualify.  

The TV needs to support Instant On. This means that when you press the power button on the remote control, the TV shouldn’t shut down, rather go into a sleep mode letting you pick up where you left off when you switch on the TV next time. 

Next up is Fast App Launch. As the name suggests, the app needs to launch quickly. Clicking on the Netflix app on the TV's home screen needs to result in an almost instant launch of the app. The app needs to be easy to find and start from the TV menu. The TV’s remote control also needs to house a dedicated Netflix Button. 

The TV also needs to support background updates, so the latest Netflix TV shows and movies are always displayed. To put this into perspective, Netflix refreshes its catalogue with new shows, movies, and other things like new thumbnails and descriptors. This happens when Netflix is facing the least traffic from a particular region. For example, in India, this would happen in the wee hours of the morning, when the traffic to Netflix is the least ensuring the service is still working for those consuming content and updating for the others who are asleep. 

Speaking of updates, the next requirement is that the TV should support the latest version of the app. Last but not least, the TV should support a high-res Netflix interface. As the feature suggests, the text and thumbnail images should look sharp and any changes to the UI must be reflected on the TV.

Now that you know the features required to qualify as a Netflix recommended TV, here is the list of TVs that are a part of the 2019 Netflix recommended list. 

From the house of Panasonic, we have the VIERA GX900, GX800, GX750, GX740 and the GX700. None of these TVs are available in India or showcased on the Panasonic India website. 

From the house of Samsung, we have the QLED 8K, QLED 4K, Premium UHD, and Lifestyle TVs. The model numbers for the same include the Q900R, Q90R, Q80R/Q85R, Q75R, Q70R, Q60R, The Frame (2019) and the RU8000. This is pretty much Samsung’s entire new 2019 premium TV portfolio and apart from the Frame 2019 and RU8000, the rest are available in India. 

From the house of Sony, we have the BRAVIA A9G/AG9, X95G/XG95 and the  X85G/XG85. Of these only, the X95G is available in India. 

It is surprising that LG’s new line-up of TVs isn't a part of the list. There are also a number of brands like TCL, iFFALCON, and more that come with the TV version of the Netflix app along with a dedicated Netflix button on the remote control, but they aren't a part of this list.

Sameer Mitha

Sameer Mitha

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