LG and world’s first bendable OLED TV cost between 1 to 75 lakhs! Worth the money?

LG and world’s first bendable OLED TV cost between 1 to 75 lakhs! Worth the money?

The LG OLED TV lineup ranges in size from 42 inches to 97 inches.

LG has brought the first foldable OLED TV

The price ranges from ₹1,19,990 to ₹75,00,000

LG has come up with its new series of OLED TVs in India. The launch event marked the 10th anniversary of LG’s OLED TVs.

The OLED TVs lineup offers a huge number of options for you to choose from. It comes in different sizes starting from 42 inches to 97 inches. You also have affordable options in these TVs, in case you don’t wish to spend a lot on the luxury and lifestyle options. 

So let’s have a look at the lineup and the variation ls LG has brought for us.

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Lineup of the LG OLED TVs

In India, a total of 21 of these OLED TVs were launched. They don’t come under one series, as according to their features they are assigned different series names. 

Moving on to the series- first, is the 8K OLED Z3 Series and this is claimed to be the only 8K OLED TV in the world. Then there is the OLED Evo Gallery Edition G3 Series. This is unique due to its design. It features a One Wall Design and is the perfect match for your living room wall. 

Then comes the OLED Evo C3 series which offers different screen sizes you can choose from. Lastly, the affordable options. They are the OLED B3 and A3 Series. Even though their price might be much less than that of the aforementioned series, these won’t disappoint you. It offers the best in its price.

Now, the lifestyle option-  LG OLED OBJECT Collection POSE. This has an aesthetic image of its own and comes with a stand and frame. The aesthetics of this TV changes the aesthetics of your room. 

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Last but not the least, the first bendable OLED TV- LG OLED Flex. It is 42 inches and bendable and is a great option for gaming, going live or shooting something. The screen is not always folded it totally depends on you as to how you want to keep it, folded or straight. You will also get a height adjustable stand. It is equipped with LG OLED evo technology with 100% colour fidelity certification.

The entire line up has a varied price range between ₹1,19,990 to ₹75,00,000 which caps off with the rollable OLED TV range. So, if you have been planning to get a TV, this is the perfect time to get one from this amazing collection. 

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