Huawei may soon unveil a range of TVs: Report

Huawei may soon unveil a range of TVs: Report
  • Huawei’s TVs are tipped to be unveiled in April and may feature a dual-camera for broadcasting or video chatting


  • Huawei may soon unveil a range of TVs
  • The TVs are tipped to be unveiled in April

Huawei may soon unveil a range of televisions. According to Android Headlines (via Chinese news outlet, Jiemian) the company is expected to launch the TVs sometime in April. As per the  report, the TVs will be more like a hub with a focus on gaming and social features. Further, it is also tipped to come with a dual-camera setup. The report notes that initially, Huawei’s TVs will be available in two options, namely a 55-inch model and another 65-inch model. The 55-inch model is said to be manufactured by BOE, while Shenzhen China Star is said to be the manufacturer for the 65-inch model. 

The cameras will most likely be used for video chatting or broadcasting yourself on the internet. However, it does beg the question of privacy. Huawei is no stranger to controversy and United States of America is seeking to ban the sale of its products in North America. The US Government claims that the company has been spying on US citizens on behalf of China. Huawei has denied these allegations and plans to sue the United States for banning its products. The Chinese company claims that the ban is unconstitutional and that the US Congress has failed to produce any evidence to support its restrictions on Huawei products.

OnePlus also plans to launch its own TVs soon. Details about the TVs are not yet known, but last year, the company asked its fans to name its TVs. OnePlus has not said when it plans to launch its TVs, but it should do so sometime this year. 


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