TRAI angry at Jio, Airtel, Vi for fake ‘unlimited’ 5G and 4G plans

TRAI angry at Jio, Airtel, Vi for fake ‘unlimited’ 5G and 4G plans

Vi complained against Airtel and Jio for offering 5G service at 4G price

Airtel and Jio fired back by complaining the same against Vi about earlier instance

TRAI investigating and comparing the price and offers on data packs for the different telcos

Update: TRAI has refuted reports of it conducting a drive to probe all past tariff plans by telecom companies for their predatory pricing behaviour. Instead, it will be checking specific plans only. It also announced it is reducing the number of audits of each licensed service area (LSA) to a once-a-year affair and not quarterly. This is estimated to cut down costs by 75 percent. The LSI audit will involve only those plans which don’t come under the centralised audit. There would be a larger emphasis on prepaid plans going forward. And if telcos take the corrective measures suggested by TRAI in time, they won’t be fined.

After working with Indian telcos on AI-based spam call filters to help users avoid scams, TRAI has now taken up a new mission. TRAI’s investigating the past and present tariff plans of various telcos for 2G, 3G, 4G and now even 5G network.

By comparing the rates they want to see if the telcos are engaging in any sort of excess pricing than required or maybe trying to flatter its customers with false claims of so-called unlimited plans.

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Tariffs of the different telcos are definitely in their own hands and they can decide the amount for their different plans. But if they try to engage in fraudulent or predatory activities, then TRAI comes into action. 

TRAI started this investigation when Vi filed a complaint against Reliance Jio and Airtel claiming that they are offering 5G services at 4G prices, because of which Vi is now bearing losses as a lot of users are shifting to the other two telcos. 

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When TRAI asked Jio and Airtel, they didn't accept the claims and instead said that it was Vi who first started wrongly advertising "Unlimited" earlier with its 4G plans. 

TRAI is now focusing on the comparison of prices for the different data plans of all the service providers to check who exactly started the predatory trend and when it all began. 

Now, we see all the service providers up with Unlimited plans and offers. Hence, TRAI is now carefully investigating and comparing each service provider's past and present plan records and will soon come up with their conclusion.

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