Nothing Phone 2 ringtone by Swedish House Mafia is out: How it compares to other iconic smartphone ringtones

Nothing Phone 2 ringtone by Swedish House Mafia is out: How it compares to other iconic smartphone ringtones

Nothing has collaborated with EDM supergroup Swedish House Mafia for its new Glyph ringtone pack for the Nothing Phone 2.

The new Glyph ringtones will be coming to the Nothing Phone 1 also with Nothing OS 2.0.

Here, we take a look at the most iconic smartphone ringtones and perhaps learn a thing or two about them.

Nothing has announced their new Glyph ringtone pack composed by the Swedish House Mafia. This will be launching with Nothing OS 2.0 on the Nothing Phone 2. This made us muse about the role music plays in smartphone branding. We think Apple’s and Nokia’s original ringtones are likely to have the most recall value for most of us. But, it may differ from person to person. So we have compiled a list of the most iconic ringtones here. Let’s see which of these has struck a chord with you.

Starting with what Nothing is bringing on the Nothing OS 2.0.

1. Nothing Glyph

Nothing is set to introduce the Glyph ringtone pack on Phone 2. This will be a Nothing OS 2.0 feature and so should arrive on the Phone 1 also. You can hear the Swedish House Mafia composing this ringtone in the video above. You can also tune it to your liking using the Glyph Composer app. 

2. Apple Marimba

Believed to be created by Dr Lengeling, who was a key figure in the creation of Garageband and Logix Pro. The first draft of the 18-note Marimba appeared on Garageband Jam Pack 4: Symphony Orchestra Instruments in 2005. This was reportedly Steve’s favourite (because of its sophisticated and eclectic) and was unique enough to grab the attention of iPhone users at large.

3. Nokia Gran Vals

The Nokia tune is universally known and revered, unlike any other smartphone ringtone. It is a small portion of Spanish musician Francisco Tárrega’s Gran Vals. It has classical roots and was first used by the brand in its 1992 ad for Nokia 1101. Then, it was later incorporated as the main tune for the brand. 

4. Samsung Over The Horizon

Joong-sam Yun, Senior Designer at IT & Mobile Communications, Samsung and his team came up with this tune in 2011. The company describes the tune evokes the passion and challenging spirit they have.

We also have the Xiaomi ringtone, Blackberry ringtone, Sony Ericsson ringtone, and a few others that may have a special place in your heart. Nothing’s new ringtone is for EDM lovers and only time can tell whether it is able to attract and enjoy retention like these tones.

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