iPhone 3G price drop to Rs 18,499 [rumour] – Airtel comes to its senses?

Either someone wants to be invited to the Digit April Fool’s shenanigans, or Airtel has finally come to its senses regarding the iPhone 3G. Rumours suggest that Airtel is looking to announce an iPhone 3G price drop as early as next week – down to Rs 18,499. Even better, the company is looking to introduce an unlimited data plan at Rs 199 per month.

Call us skeptical but if a certain something sounds too good to be true (especially regarding the data plan), then it most likely isn’t so. But stranger things have happened – we just can’t think of any at this particular moment.

Incidentally, we recently polled our newsletter subscribers (click here to subscribe if you are currently missing out on all the contests and fun packed within) to find out the reason they won’t buy the iPhone 3GS, and the biggest, overwhelming reason (more than 82% respondents) cited its ridiculous price tag (fun fact: only two of the respondents already owned an iPhone; way to crack the market Airtel/Vodafone/Apple). Will a price tag of Rs 18,499 change your mind? Would you buy an iPhone – even one that will be two generations old, very soon – for Rs 18,499? Or would you rather go with an Android device?

Here’s what we know from the rumour:

  • 8GB iPhone 3G (Black) priced at Rs. 18,499
  • 16GB iPhone 3G (White/Black) priced at Rs. 24,499
  • Unlimited data transfer plan for Rs. 199 per month
  • Check out the scans here: scan 1 | scan 2
    Our three bits:

  • Note that the scans blurs out the logo, but it’s clearly the Airtel red and white
  • If this is indeed true, Vodafone won’t be far behind in announcing a price cut
  • We would rather have the iPhone 4G (or whatever else it will be called when out around June)


    The current prices for iPhone 4 in Indian ranges from Rs 35,000 for a software unlocked grey-market piece and 40,000 for a factory unlocked imported unit.

    Do remmember, iPhone 4 is not yet (as on march 2011) released officially in India. All iPhone 4 bought in India do not carry any Indian warranty.

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