Google's GBoard for iOS integrates Search into the keyboard

By Shrey Pacheco | Updated 13 May 2016
Google's GBoard for iOS integrates Search into the keyboard
  • The GBoard Keyboard has a dedicated search button that lets users search the web, or find emojis or GIFs.

Google has introduced a new keyboard for iOS called GBoard, with built-in search functionality. The keyboard comes with a dedicated search button located on the upper left corner, which lets users search the web without leaving the keyboard. The search results appear as cards with important information right at the forefront. This information can then be added to the ongoing conversation by tapping the card. 


Users can also search for emojis and GIFs by using this feature. Typing a term on GBoard will suggest appropriate emojis or GIFs. In addition, Google has added gesture typing to the keyboard, which it calls ‘Glide Typing’.

In a recent slew of apps and updates for iOS, Google announced yesterday that Google Translate will now work in offline mode on iOS devices. In order to use the feature, users would have to download language packs by tapping the arrow icon next to the language name. These language packs are about 25MB in size, each. Additionally, Google also announced that it was adding a new feature to its Translate app for Android, called ‘Tap to Translate’. The feature allows users to translate text without the need to switch between different apps. The feature is integrated to the clipboard, and copying the text will see an option to translate pop up.

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