Google accidentally sends 10 Pixel 3 units to customer who wanted a refund for 1: Report

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 20 Apr 2019
Google accidentally sends 10 Pixel 3 units to customer who wanted a refund for 1: Report

Trying to get a refund for a defective phone isn’t something most people would call as, fun. First off, you have a phone that isn’t working properly. Next, you have to wade through multiple channels in order to apply for the refund. However, according to one Google Pixel 3(₹ 56999 at flipkart) owner, he got a lot more than he bargained for. 


Reddit user, u/Cheetohz claims that he/she wanted to return a defective white Pixel 3, and purchase a ‘Not Pink’ version of the smartphone in its stead. However, the customer received 10 units of the smartphone. Further, it was added that he/she only got $80 (tax), and is still owed $900 by Google. “With the shipping is my not pink model, Google screwed up and shipped me 10... At $1000ea, that's $10k of product I now legally have in my possession. In all, I'm actually in the positive by $8k,” the user writes in the Reddit thread.

The user noted that he/she wants to do the right thing and return them, but doesn’t want to do so until the refund is processed properly. The customer was also thinking about selling the extra phone to recoup money if the refund didn’t get through. In the end though, the user noted in a separate thread that the refund was credited to their account. The credit has been applied towards the balance due on the phone that the customer had purchased. Once everything goes through, the customer would mail  the devices back to Google. 

As one might imagine, the original Reddit thread have users commenting on what they would have done if they were in the shoes of u/Cheetohz. While some commended the honesty of the user, others say that they would have sold the phones since it would make no difference to a company like Google. Regardless, it’s still a pretty noble thing to do and it’s good that the customer got what they wanted in the end.

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