Top budget laptops for basic schoolwork

Top budget laptops for basic schoolwork

Laptops have become an integral part of students’ lives. They are now just as essential as textbooks and notebooks. A laptop aimed at students should be able to handle all the extracurricular tasks, while also offering a dash of fun by letting students enjoy social networking, video streaming and maybe some light gaming. All these tasks must be supported by a decent battery as it should last at least a whole school day. Of course, they should be reasonably priced as well. Here’s a look at some of the best laptops for schoolwork currently available on Amazon. Do note that these laptops were selected based on specifications and features. 

Lenovo ThinkBook 14

This Intel Core i3-1005G1 powered 14-inch laptop by Lenovo comes with an impressive 9-hour battery life, which supports Rapid Charging to juice up the laptop quickly. The 4GB RAM in this laptop can take on light to moderate usage on a typical day. The Full HD screen, along with the thin and light form makes it easy to carry around – something that will be useful for students. Sporting full-sized ports, this laptop can be used anywhere without the hassle of carrying dongles for connectivity. 

Dell Inspiron 3505 15.6" FHD AG Display Laptop

Dell Inspiron is a laptop that will fit your use case perfectly if you need a computer to get the basic things done smoothly. It comes with an AMD Ryzen CPU, which will blaze through basic work and handle demanding applications as well. The laptop comes with 8GB of RAM, which is the standard in most laptops these days and will run applications with ease. On the inside, you also get a 256GB SSD which is sufficient to store your notes, presentation and more. Apart from that, the laptop has a full HD screen, an array of ports and connectivity options that make it a viable option for those who want to get things done without spending a whole lot of money. 

Dell Inspiron 3505

The Dell Inspiron 3505 is an AMD powered laptop with a Ryzen 3 3250U processor under the hood. It also offers a Vega GPU, which should be enough for a little bit of gaming. Helping this along is 4GB RAM which should keep things smooth. For storage, the laptop offers a 256G SSD which should allow for quick boot times and a 1TB HDD that should be more than enough for storing files. It comes with an array of full-sized ports for better connectivity. 

Lenovo ThinkPad E14

The Lenovo ThinkPad E14 is an excellent choice for ones who are on the move as this laptop is said to offer certification for 12 military spec tests. As such, the laptop should be able to handle extreme weather conditions like cold or heat. Under the hood, it houses an Intel Core i5-10110U dual-core processor paired with 4GB DDR4 RAM and a 256GB SSD. The integrated fingerprint reader on the power button comes with TPM 2.0 encryption for added security. The laptop can stay powered up to 12-hours on a single charge, and it supports fast-charging. The company claims that it can charge up to 80% in one hour. Having full-sized USB and HDMI ports, it makes a good companion for everyday usage.
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