Entry-level convertible laptops for users on a budget

Entry-level convertible laptops for users on a budget

Looking for a laptop which has the functionality and the portability of a tablet? Well, a 2-in-1 laptop just may be the pick for you. Gone are the days when these laptops were reserved for artists and creatives. You can now get excellent 2-in-1 laptops for design, productivity, and portability at really affordable rates and with some impressive features and specifications. These laptops are functional for professionals, students and entrepreneurs who are always on the go. If you’re in the market looking for a 2-in-1 laptop with the functionality of a laptop and the convenience of a tablet, check out these entry-level convertible laptops for users on a budget.

HP Pavilion x360

This laptop is geared for general everyday usage. It comes with a 360-degree hinge, which allows you to place the laptop in various positions, depending on what work you’re doing. If you’re a student in the class, the stylus supported touchscreen can be handy for taking down quick notes or making diagrams. In case you need extended typing for a project, just whip out the physical keyboard, and you’re good to go. The laptop comes with decent specifications: an Intel i3 CPU, which is enough to get the job done, 4GB of RAM, which is good enough for everyday laptop usage and web browsing and a fast 256GB NVMe SSD. 

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i

If you’re a creative person, looking for a laptop that can get the basic designing or editing tasks done with ease, this laptop is the right choice for you. It comes with a capable i3 CPU from the 10th generation, 8GB of RAM which keeps performance snappy and responsive. The laptop’s convertible ergonomic design makes it easy to use as an easel, a drawing pad or even just a tablet when you’re on the go. The super-slim bezels on the laptop add to the display prowess of the laptop as a whole. The super fast 512GB SSD makes up for lack of space in terms of speed. For added security, it comes with a fingerprint scanner. 

Google Pixel Slate

With the weight and ergonomics of a good old tablet, the Google Pixel Slate will make you forget about the days you used to lug around a massive laptop with yourself. It runs on Chrome OS, meaning that you’ll have to rely on web apps to get your tasks done. This ensures that everything on the Pixel Slate runs well. Photo and video editing tasks can be easily handled by the convertible laptop using Chrome apps. It comes with an Intel m3 mobile processor and a foldable keyboard case, which makes this one a viable option for those always on the go. 

ASUS ZenBook Flip 14

An ergonomic design, a 14-inch touchscreen and an AMD Ryzen 7 CPU make this laptop a powerhouse on the go. The laptop caters to all kinds of users – power users on the go, artists looking for the best creative device, editors looking for a viable option which is high on performance and light on the pocket. While keeping the ease of use of a tablet, it adds laptop grade functionality by giving you access to a wide variety of I/O options. The 8GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage make for a good, fast-performing laptop. To ensure that the laptop lasts long, it comes with durable aluminium hinges.

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