Vacuum sealer machines that will help preserve food items

Vacuum sealer machines that will help preserve food items

A proficient vacuum sealer can extract up to 99% of air from food item packets to provide the best possible preservation for a longer period. We have curated a list of some of the best energy-efficient vacuum sealers, which will not only increase the shelf life of your food but are also extremely easy to operate. You can check them out on Amazon and keep your food preserved for a longer time as compared to zippers, bags and containers.

Oriley Vacuum Sealer Machine

This multipurpose vacuum sealer machine is designed to remove air from specially designed bags. Oriley has equipped it with several digital buttons and LED indicators that help easy operation. It also provides two modes (dry and wet mode) for you to choose from, depending on whether the food is dry or wet (so that you can seal it accordingly and keep it fresh for a longer time). It creates an optimum sealing strength by its strong suction strength of 8L/min for the best possible preservation(as claimed by the company). Moreover, its inbuilt temperature control system helps in improving heating efficiency and reducing energy consumption, thereby saving you from sky-rocketing electricity bills. The makers claim that this food sealer can preserve your food up to 5 times longer as compared to traditional bags, containers and zippers.

TRENDIKRAFT Vacuum Sealer Machine

This automatic vacuum sealing machine from Trendikraft enhances the shelf life of your food by reducing the food waste in your kitchen. It is designed to remove air through specially designed bags by sealing the heat and preserving foods’ nutritional value for a longer time. Moreover, being designed with soft-touch type digital buttons and LED indicator lights, this food sealer is easy to operate and provides you with the best experience during the process. Also, depending on the dryness or wetness of your food items, it allows you to choose the appropriate mode (dry or wet) for better storage and preservation. Further, it improves heating efficiency and reduces energy consumption through its inbuilt temperature control system that controls the sealing time as per the ambient temperature of the heating wire.

LIMBANI BROTHERS Vacuum Sealer Machine

This automated food sealer from Limbani Brothers comes with specialised bags for vacuum packing of various food items, including vegetables, meat, cooked food, dried food and more. Moreover, it works only with 70 to 90 microns bags, and for best results, dotted bags can be used (as mentioned by the company). Also, to provide you with the best experience during the process, it comes equipped with digital buttons and LED indicator lights, making it easy to operate the machine. It can be used to package a wide range of food items like fish, nuts, snacks, etc., and you can even partially seal the food in case the need arises. It is powered by an efficient and powerful motor that ensures minimal noise while operating. Its high-quality heating wire and high-density EVA seal helps improve heating efficiency and reduce energy consumption. 

SKADIOO Sealing Machine

This sealing machine helps you pack a variety of food items, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, dried food, and much more. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable timer along with eight-level adjustments to meet your various packaging needs. It also works with various plastic films, including polyethene, polypropylene or polyolefin compounds. This multipurpose vacuum sealer machine is designed to extract air from bags to increase the shelf life of your food. It also features a light indicator and different options, including a handle, time knob, pilot lamp, a heating element so you can easily configure it as per your needs and seal the food packets in no time. It claims to use a superior quality heating element which helps improve heat efficiency.

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