USB charging hubs with quick charge 3.0 support

USB charging hubs with quick charge 3.0 support

Phones have become a very important part of our life. Be it scrolling through social media, attending video conferences, receiving and sending emails or simply creating a to-do list, we reach for our phones for every little thing. All these activities often leave the phone out of charge and we have to wait for hours while the battery is fully charged again. This is why, to keep up with today’s fast-paced world, companies have now come up with quick chargers that help in charging your phone in minutes, instead of hours! If your smartphone did not originally come with a charger that supports Quick Charge, don’t worry because you can always connect the device to a USB charging hub with Quick Charge 3.0 support. To help you find the perfect device, we’ve curated a list of four USB charging hubs with Quick Charge 3.0 support that is available on Amazon, based on their listed features.

Portronics Q-Charger Portable Universal Charging Hub

The Portronics Q-Charger Portable Universal Charging Hub can charge your devices four times faster than a normal charger, according to company claims. It is equipped with four USB ports, out of which one gives a QC output, one gives an output of 1A while the other two give an output of 2.4A, with which you can power Apple devices, smartphones, headsets and other digital products. The 231g charger comes with a phone docking station. The company boasts that the lightweight and compact adapter is BIS certified, has a fire-retardant body with surge protection and is shock resistant.

Mivi DC58QC3 8A Desktop USB Turbo Charger Hub

Mivi has become the go-to brand when it comes to buying quality products at nominal prices. This charger hub is just another product that happens to solve several problems simultaneously without burning a hole in your pocket. With it, you can charge up to five devices like your phones, cameras and other USB A connected devices thanks to Mivi’s Smart Charge ports powered with Auto-Detect technology. This technology allows it to identify your device’s unique charging requirements. The hub can deliver a combined output of 8A. Mivi claims that this product can charge Quick Charge 3.0 compatible devices four times faster and comes with several in-built safety features like the voltage, current and temperature control.

Probus Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Charging Hub

Here’s a charging hub by Qualcomm that weighs only 395g and is packed with six ports so that you can charge several devices simultaneously. This hub supports Qualcomm Quick Charge and also provides a unique combination of PowerIQ and Voltage Boost that should ensure the fastest possible charging speed for all devices ranging from iPads to smartphones. It can help save you space and avoid tangled cables by facilitating multiple plug-ins in a neat way. It should protect your devices from voltage fluctuations, high current, high temperature and short-circuits while charging them efficiently and quickly as per each devices’ needs. It has a 1m long power cord and is easily-portable so that you don’t have to worry about drained batteries while on the move.

LCARE 18W QC 3.0 Wall Charger

If you are looking for a compact yet powerful charging hub, then this product by LCARE might be a good choice for you. It has three ports (out of which one is a QC 3.0 port) and 1.2m micro USB cable. The hub is made of a Polycarbonate material, thus making it heat resistant. It can power all Apple products, Bluetooth headsets, smartphones and other devices, according to the brand. This ultra-light adapter weighs only 150g. The charger is controlled by a Microcontroller Circuit which provides a collective output of 18W. It is compatible with lightning cables and type C cables. Note that it uses an Auto Detect technology to detect the requirements of different devices and charge them accordingly.
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