Universal phone and tablet stand with sturdy desk clamps

Universal phone and tablet stand with sturdy desk clamps

You are attending a work meeting on your tablet, but you have some urgent personal matter to attend to via your phone. It’s difficult to handle all of it at once, and all you wish then is that you were more organised and had a dedicated stand to keep all your gadgets in place. Check this list of universal phone and tablet stands available on Amazon right away!

Xtore Universal Mobile Phone Holder

Xtore Universal Mobile Phone Holder integrates a soft cushion that holds the device securely and safely. The product is designed in a manner that it has cutouts exclusively meant for hassle-free charging. It is compatible with most phones and tablets with a screen size ranging from 4.7 to 10.5 inches. The product comes with a ball joint that allows the user to adjust the viewing angle, and the non-skid silicone pad ensures that the device stays put. The holding range can be adjusted anywhere between 65-70 cm, and it is ideal for watching movies, recording videos, listening to music or monitoring the feed from the baby cam. 

BROLAVIYA Cell Phone Tablet Stand

BROLAVIYA Cell Phone Tablet Stand is 360 degrees adjustable, with a flexible long gooseneck arm for comfortable viewing anywhere. It also helps one in posture correction due to its convenient angling that helps reduce neck strain and eye fatigue. Its strong arm can be easily attached to any piece of furniture or counter. The product comes with an anti-shake operation with quality screws that keep the phone or tablet in position. The foam pads protect the device at the points of contact and also serve the function of preventing any kind of slippage. The holder is durable for it is made of metal and is compatible with devices that are anywhere between 4 to 10.6-inches.

SAIJI Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder

SAIJI Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder is a universal phone clamp with a lazy mount grip. The cell phone holder has an 85 cm flexible telescopic arm that rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to loosen your hands, reduce neck fatigue and easily position your phone at the desired distance. The arm is made out of an aluminium alloy that is durable and hard to fracture. The phone clip is made of an anti-slip silicone base. It is compatible with a range of phones with display sizes ranging between 4 to 6.3 inches. The phone holder is ergonomic, functional and elegant. 

Amkette Flexi Phone Holder

Amkette Flexi Phone Holder has a long and sturdy arm made of magnesium and a mounting clamp that is rubber padded to avoid scratches on the furniture it is mounted on. The clamp has a 360-degree rotation for easy portrait or landscape viewing. The clamp is also equipped with anti-slip silicone pads for a safe and secure grip and a silicone band to prevent the phone from slipping. It is made of high-quality ABS material that is durable. The holder fits phones of all sizes. The flexi phone holder provides a comfortable, hands-free operation and can be used on the kitchen counter, headboard, side table or desk. The phone holder is smartly designed so that the phone won’t droop or slack once the position is set.

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