Twitter to decide acquisition by the end of month

By Arnab Mukherjee | Updated 6 Oct 2016
Twitter to decide acquisition by the end of month
  • Twitter might go for a hasty acquisition with Disney, Salesforce and more in line

If you were a Twitter shareholder, the social media giant’s economic performance would have been a cause of worry up until recently when information about a potential acquisition bid came out, which caused Twitter stocks to jump by 20%. Now, another piece of information has been revealed which indicates that Twitter wants the sale discussions by October 27th, which, coincidentally or not, happens to be the day when Twitter is supposed to post its third quarter earnings.


As reported earlier, multiple companies are in line for the bids and reportedly binding offers are due in two weeks. is presenting a strong case to its investors with the potential of the data motherlode that Twitter is, along with the harnessing of customer service on the platform. Alongside, Disney is expected to make a bid to put the platform to use for boosting its entertainment services. None of the brands, reported to be in the run for the bid, are providing any comments or information on the matter.

Twitter has gradually lost ground to newer platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, which now have a larger user base according to most parameters. Advertising, which is a prime source of income on such platforms, has shifted accordingly, resulting in Twitter’s poor numbers.

Reports have suggested that the Twitter top brass is still split on the decision and the whole endeavour may not result in a sale eventually. If that ends up being the actual result, it would be interesting to see how Twitter plans to recover from the current economic mess that it is in. On the other hand, a successful sale could see changes on the platform that could make it a profit making product eventually.


What do you think would be best for Twitter - a sale to Salesforce, a sale to Disney, a sale to Google, or no sale at all? Let us know in the comments below.

Arnab Mukherjee

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