Top tabla sets for beginners

Top tabla sets for beginners

Tablas are among India’s most important percussion instruments and play a vital role in any musical performance. With each stroke, the tabla releases deep and resonant sounds that are not only good on the ears but also nourishing for the soul. If you are planning to learn tabla, you must first make sure that the tabla set you buy has been designed for beginners, as a complex one could make things difficult for you. If you are on the lookout for beginner’s tabla sets, ensure that the one’s you shortlist have a good build and are sturdy. Following are a few good options of tabla sets on Amazon that are perfect for new learners:     

Akshar Tabla with Gaddi Set 

The Akshar Tabla with Gaddi Set consists of a heavy-quality bayan and Sheesham wood dayan. Both of these tablas allow you to immerse yourself in the world of Indian classical music, thanks to their fine quality and melodious notes. Where the dayan is quite sturdy and produces a rich sound, the bayan is made out of steel and gives a deep bass sound. Since each supplements the other, the Akshar Tabla with Gaddi Set is a good set to start your musical journey. Apart from the features mentioned above, this tabla set comes along with Gaddi Chumbal set, a hammer for self-tuning, and a Gatta. 

Archi Musicals Hand Made Tabla Set

Archi Musicals Hand Made Tabla Set is an easy-to-use musical instrument that has been explicitly designed to meet the needs of beginners. It is convenient to carry around, and since it comes to you as fully tuned, you won’t have to worry about setting it to the right pitch. Featuring a robust handmade brass drum and a Sheesham dayan, the tabla set produces rich quality sound. It comes in a natural colour finish that ensures the tabla gives a refined look on stages. Moreover, since it is made of sturdy material, rest assured you won’t have to worry about its durability and quality in the long run.  

Surjan Singh & Sons Brass Tabla Set  

The Surjan Singh & Sons Brass Tabla Set features a brass-based bayan that specialises in deep bass sounds. On the other hand, it has a Sheesham-based dayan that produces rich trebles. As both the instruments have characteristics that support refined musical notes, the Surjan Singh & Sons Brass Tabla Set should undoubtedly be one of the top picks for beginners. It comes with a classical Binnu that supports the tabla and a hammer that helps in tuning it. Apart from these accessories, it also has a headcover that assists in protecting the tabla heads. The Surjan Singh & Sons Brass Tabla Set can be tuned to C# and D#, giving you complete control over your music.   

Pal Music House Brass Tabla Set

The Pal Music House Brass Tabla Set boasts a wooden dayan that helps create balanced trebles. This is supplemented with a brass bayan that produces a rich bass. Together, they allow you to jam to classical notes! The Pal Music House Brass Tabla Set is made of rich acoustic materials, ensuring the set is ideal for both professionals and beginners. Moreover, to ensure you can carry it around with you safely, the tabla set comes with a padded bag that protects the tabla from the outside environment. It also has a premium finish that adds to its aesthetics.    

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