Top sandwich makers that can also make waffles

Top sandwich makers that can also make waffles

Foodies love sandwiches and waffles, and many prefer them at least once a day, either for breakfast or as an evening snack. If you are also among such people, a snack maker that makes both sandwiches and waffles will be an efficient appliance addition to your kitchen. Some sandwich makers come with waffle plates and allow you to cook waffles. Below you can read about some of the top sandwich makers that you can also use to cook waffles available on Amazon!

iBell SM301 Sandwich maker

This iBell SM301 Sandwich maker has a thermostatic heat control that provides even heat and cooking to the food and gives you perfectly cooked sandwiches and waffles in no time. This sandwich maker gives you a multipurpose use, turning up sandwiches, toasts, waffles and other grilled snacks. The detachable non-stick plates in this appliance make it easy to clean and give it a durable design. It comes with an auto shut off function, which protects it from overheating and gives you safe use. The grip handle of this sandwich maker gives a firm and comfortable grip so that you can hold the appliance comfortably while checking on the cooking process and remove the snacks once they are cooked. 

Glen Electric Sandwich maker

The Glen Electric Sandwich maker comes with a special pressing lock system that keeps the sandwich maker securely closed during the cooking process and makes it easy for you to remove the cooked sandwiches or waffles safely. It has three interchangeable non-stick grill plates, which can be used for grilling, making sandwiches and waffles. It comes with light indicators that show you the heating status. The cool-touch handle protects you from scalding from the steam and allows you to check the cooking process safely. It comes with a vertical stacking design which makes storage easy. It works with a power of 700 watts that gives you perfectly cooked sandwiches and crispy waffles in no time.

Rossmann Sandwich Toaster

This Rossmann Sandwich Toaster comes with a unique design that allows you to use it as an open grill to take care of all your grilling needs and cook various deliciously grilled snacks at the comfort of your home. It has coloured indicators to indicate that the sandwich maker is on and ready to cook. The padded standing feet ensure that the appliance doesn't touch the table when placed on it and keep it stable by preventing it from slipping when the cooking process is on. It also comes with powerful heating rods that warm up the cooking surfaces in minutes and ensure that you get perfectly cooked snacks rather quickly. 

Croma CRK7001 Sandwich maker

When looking for one of the best sandwich makers that will also allow you to make delicious waffles and other snacks, you must look at this Croma CRK7001 Sandwich maker. It gives you the convenience of use with the non-stick grill plates that are easy to clean and features LED light indicators to inform you about the status of the cooking process. This three in one snack maker has a waffle maker, griller and sandwich maker all in one. The thermostat control gives your snacks even cooking and automatically cuts off the power once the cooking is done.
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