Top halogen heaters for your home

Top halogen heaters for your home

Quick and effective heating of your home is necessary to maintain warmth in your surroundings to help you get through the cold winter weather. This can be achieved with the help of halogen heaters which radiate heat to warm up your home effectively in less time. Read on to know about some of the top halogen heaters available on Amazon.

Bajaj Deluxe halogen heater

With its stainless steel reflector, this Bajaj Deluxe Halogen room heater provides uniform heating throughout the room. The nickel-chrome plated mesh grid of this heater prevents corrosion and increases the surface durability of the device. The adjustable thermostat allows you to set the right temperature based on the surrounding temperature. This heater comes with tilted legs to provide extra stability to the device. With the two temperature settings of the Bajaj Deluxe Halogen room heater set the desired temperature and keep your room warm.

Starvin R580 halogen heater

With its noiseless operation, the Starvin R580 halogen heater allows a low noise experience so that you can sleep in peace while the heater warms up your room. This heater is designed using a high-grade material which ensures good quality performance and high efficiency. The safety mesh grill, overheat protection and high durability design of this Starvin R580 halogen heater ensure completely safe and long-lasting usage. 

Candes Infra2 halogen heater

This Candes Infra2 halogen heater comes with 2 heat settings that allow you to customise the heat intensity according to the change in weather and your requirements. Its 800 watts power provides effective heating of the room and this Candes Infra2 halogen heater is considered to be ideal for small rooms. The dual safety feature with a thermal fuse and a tip-over switch makes this Candes Infra2 halogen heater safe to use. With its reliable and safe design, the Candes Infra2 halogen heater is a good choice to keep your home warm during winters.

Maharaja Lava Neo halogen heater

The 180-degree rotation of this Maharaja Lava Neo halogen heater covers a wide area and provides wider dissipation of heat to warm up your room quickly and efficiently. This Maharaja Lava Neo halogen heater has 3 heating modes that ensure high-efficiency heating according to your requirement and comfort. The shockproof design with an insulating body of this Maharaja Lava Neo halogen heater protects you and your family from any electric shocks and makes this device safe to use in a family with kids and elders. This heater comes with a tip-over switch to prevent any accidents by turning off the heater if it gets tipped over. The cool touch body provides an added layer of safety and low noise operation ensures noiseless performance and facilitates peaceful sleep. T
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