Top fat analyser scales that can help monitor body composition on your phone

Top fat analyser scales that can help monitor body composition on your phone

If you are planning to shed some weight but have a difficult time keeping track of your progress then we have something for you. This article lists some premium quality fat analyser scales that will help you keep a tab on your gains and losses in a fast and easy manner. These not only help monitor your body composition but also allow you to monitor these metrics conveniently from your phone.  

Dr Trust Digital Fat Analyzer

If you have a hard time keeping track of your progress and your fitness journey then this fat analyzer scale might come in handy. Loaded with 18 essential body metrics (like body mass index, bone mass, visceral fat, protein rate, body fat, etc), four high precision sensors (for accuracy up to two digits) and a temperature sensor, this fat analyzer helps you organise in one place. It can be charged using any standard USB cable and has a companion app (available on Google Play and Apple Store) that can be used to get insights and store data for up to 8 users simultaneously. You can sync the data via Bluetooth and easily view your weight on the LCD screen. This sleek scale sports a rigid tempered glass bearing and can be easily carried around. It turns on automatically once you step on it. 

MEDITIVE Digital BMI Weight Scale 

This fat analyzer by MEDITIVE is not only apt at tracking your weight but also 12 other metrics like BMI, bone mass, weight without fat, muscle mass etc so you have a better insight into your body’s fitness. This will help you plan more effective workouts and diet plans and also motivate you to do better every single day. It has four high-precision sensors which show results with a 100-gram accuracy on its easy-to-read LCD screen and its 6-mm tempered safe glass can manage to weigh up to 180-Kg, which makes it ideal for tracking weight. It is powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries and has an overload and low battery indicator for easy maintenance. You can sync the data provided by the scale to the Fitdays app using Bluetooth and get better insights into your fitness and progress. Last but not the least, it is compatible with popular fitness apps and gadgets like FitBit, Google Fit and Samsung Health apps which makes it a purchase! 

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Body Weighing Scale

If you are looking for a weighing scale that can not only help you check your weight regularly but also sync the readings to your phone with various other metrics like BMI, protein rate, bone mass, muscle mass, water percentage, etc then this scale by HealthSense can prove to be quite useful. It gives you a full body analysis with 13 essential body composition readings (calculated with advanced Bioelectric Impedance Analysis technology) which can be viewed using the Fitdays app. The multifunctional and user-friendly app is available on Google Play store as well as Apple Store and can store data and progress for 24 users at a time which makes it a great buy for large families. It operates on two AAA batteries and can be used by people weighing between 5-Kg to 180-Kg without any hassles.

Actofit Body Fat Analyser Smart Scale 

The last recommendation in this list is this smart fat analyser scale by Actofit. It acts as a complete digital body composition monitor and can take into account 15 key metrics (like metabolic age, body fat, skeletal mass, etc) for body composition analysis. These can then be synced with the companion app to get better insights in the form of graphs to track trends and progress with a single click. The app also comes with a health chatbot to help you plan your diet, workout sessions and fitness routines in a better manner. It can store data for 16 users and provides accurate results, thanks to the 4 sensors and dual-frequency BIA technology. So stop relying on the mirror for motivation and monitoring and bring home this scale to get better results at a faster pace!
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