Top coffee vending machine for offices

Top coffee vending machine for offices

With employees working long hours in offices and pulling all-nighters, coffee can come as a welcome relief to their otherwise stressful day. A good office vending machine should be able to disperse multiple beverages, have a high capacity, and be easy to operate. Do you want to purchase a coffee vending machine to keep everyone in your workspace happy? Then choose a machine from this list of the top coffee vending machines for offices on Amazon!

Café Desire Coffee Machine

Café Desire Coffee Machine is a four-lane machine that dispenses beverages of different kinds such as tea, coffee, juice, hot water, etc. It works when premixes are loaded into the machine. Each premix packet of one kilogramme will yield at least 80 cups of the beverage, and with the 4 lane service, different types of hot drinks can be brewed. There is no requirement for additional sugar, milk, or coffee powder to be added. The dispenser maintains taste consistency. It has low power consumption, and the user can avoid all kinds of pilferages and wastages with the help of the machine. It is easy to install and operate. 

Atlantis Air Press Touchless Tea & Coffee Vending Machine

Atlantis Air Press Touchless Tea & Coffee Vending Machine allows users to select the beverage of their choice from a safe distance of an inch. This avoids any sort of contact with the dispenser, making it safer for use. It also has touchless programming. The product also contains one bottle cover and 200g of Instant Tea and Coffee Premix each. It is a two-lane vending machine. It weighs 17 kilograms and is available in multiple colours.

Café Desire 2 Lane Coffee Machine

Café Desire 2 Lane Coffee Machine is a fully automatic vending machine with two lanes for different beverages. There is no requirement to add tea or sugar, or coffee powder. Instead, one needs to load the premix packet into the machine to brew the desired beverage. The beverage will be dispensed very quickly with the press of a button. It comes with a digital meter inside that keeps track of the consumption and co-relates it with the premix powder that has been purchased. The installation procedure is completed within 10 minutes. The product weighs an overall 16 kilogrammes and has two canisters to load the premixes of two different beverages or two different flavours of the same beverage.

Atlantis Cafe Mini Tea and Coffee Vending Machine

Atlantis Cafe Mini Tea and Coffee Vending Machine is a simplistic two-lane coffee vending machine that works with different premixes. This is a compact and lightweight machine with a stainless steel tank and a magnetic sealing door. It can dispense hot water, half cup, coffee, and tea.  The product is easy to install, durable and is suitable for different kinds of workspaces.

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