Top 4 node smart switches that will help make your home smarter

Top 4 node smart switches that will help make your home smarter

Smart switches are a convenient solution for anyone looking to add connectivity to their non-smart devices. They work with lights, fans, or plug-points that are used by other appliances. However, installing individual switches for every point can be cumbersome. Instead, you could go for a 4-node switch that can connect up to four points to a single unit. This keeps your smart solution compact and easier to maintain while expanding its reach to more devices at home. Here are some four-node smart switches available on Amazon with interesting features and useful specifications.

HomeMate Wi-Fi Smart 4 Gang Touch Switch

The sleek touch interface of the HomeMate 4 Gang Touch Switch makes it great to use as a physical interface as well. However, that doesn’t mean it compromises on any smart features. After a setup on the Homemate app, the switch lets you schedule your usage for all the connected points. The design features dual-coloured LED highlights on the switches, which communicate their state to you. This also makes them visible in the dark. It uses fire-retardant Polycarbonate material in its construction, improving its resistance to fire hazards. With a lifetime of 100,000 touch interactions, the Homemate Smart Switch promises a long lifespan even under heavy use.

imagine technologies 4 Gang Smart Wi-Fi Switch

The wide operating voltage range from 90V to 230V keeps the Imagine technologies Smart Wi-Fi switch protected against voltage fluctuations and compatible with a wide range of appliances. Its plastic-ABS housing improves its durability without adding much to the weight. The build is compact and allows easy installation into most switchboards. The ability to add a wide range of triggers, such as temperature, weather, time, location and more, makes the switch convenient to automate. It works with leading smart assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This helps you add them to routines, use voice commands and a lot more.

T Tinxy Device 4 Node Smart Switch

The Tinxy smart switch is designed with a low voltage operation that reduces the chances of shocks. With the connected app, the smart switch allows scheduled usage for easy automation. Additionally, you can control these switches even when your internet is down, as long as the controlling device is on the same Wi-Fi network. You can also share access to the switches with your family members so that everyone can make the most of the smart upgrade. The device is designed for easy installation and integration into existing switch configurations, making it an ideal choice for your home’s first 4-Node smart switch.

ATOM8 Wi-Fi Home Automation 4 node Smart Switch

The Atom8 smart switch has a compact design that can be retrofitted into any existing switchboard without interrupting the functionality of the physical switch. This is further helped by its slim 19mm build. You can use the Atom8 Smart Homes app to set up automated routines that operate your switches with no requirement for manual intervention. It offers seamless integration with virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This enables easy voice controls as well as integration into existing automation setups. You can also club various devices together to operate them as a group during repeating activities. 

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