Stick-on mobile phone holders for home and office

Stick-on mobile phone holders for home and office

We all love a tidy workspace and prefer to keep the tabletops free from clutter, but this can only be possible through smart storage and organisation. Recently, mountable holders have become a big hit as they can stick to the wall and let you store essential items like your phone (even while charging). We have curated a list of some of the best stick-on mobile phone holders you can find online and ensure a cleaner room and workspace.

Eviqe Store® Mobile Holder

If you are looking for an affordable mobile holder that can be mounted on the wall, this one by Eviqe store might be a great investment. This mobile comes in attractive colours and helps brighten up the room while allowing you to store your phone or other essentials easily. It can store items like earphones, cards, stationery, bathroom essentials, makeup tools, etc. This plastic remote stand can be mounted upon a wall without professional assistance. The holder even has a cutout that enables you to charge your phone while keeping it inside the holder without any troubles. It can be a great investment that can help you store and organise small essentials along with important electronic peripherals like earphones, etc., practically and easily. 

Coxwin Wall Mounted Storage

This wall-mountable holder is compatible with various kinds of surfaces like glass, tiles, painted walls, wooden boards, marble and even frosted tiles. You can install this holder beside your bed, in the kitchen or any other room so you can quickly keep your phone or any other essential item (like remotes, pen, earphones, etc.) in it with ease. It comes in several vibrant colours, so you can pick the one which works well with the interiors of your home or workspace. The holder doesn’t weigh much and can handle phones without detaching from the wall. It weighs approximately 495 grams and has dimensions 20 x 12 x 10 cm. 

Greenstone Multipurpose Wall Mounted Storage

This multipurpose storage product can be used to hold your phone, cards, stationery and other small items neatly in a single place. Greenstone has made this holder using high-quality materials and given it a compact yet practical design so that you can mount it anywhere with ease. It also has a rectangular hole at the bottom of the holder, which makes it convenient to charge your phone while it is in the holder. It can be used to store remote controls, keys, and other essential items in an organised manner and help your keep your coffee tables and bedside tabletops free from clutter at all times! It can be mounted on smooth tiles, glass surfaces, white painted walls, smooth wooden boards, marble and frosted tiles without any troubles. 

Investify Multipurpose Wall Mounted Storage

Yet another product that can help you neatly store your phone is this stick on phone holder by Investify. It uses premium quality adhesive that can stick to various surfaces like tiles, marbles, wooden boards and glass surfaces. It has a compact design that is highly portable and even has a hole at the bottom that allows you to charge your phone while in the holder. It can be useful in storing your phone while working or charging it if placed near the wall socket. You can stick it near a charging socket to store your phone while charging for ease of storage and organisation. It can also be used to store remote controls for air conditioners and much more as it is an affordable and practical storage option.
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