Snap Pixy launches as the Snapchat-maker’s first drone camera

Snap Pixy launches as the Snapchat-maker’s first drone camera

Snap has released its first flying Snapchat camera called Pixy.

Well, shots and clips out of Pixy can be used with Snapchat and other apps too.

The key Pixy specifications include 12MP images, 2.7K videos at 30FPS, 16GB storage, 101-gram weight, USB-C port, and replaceable battery.

Far from the seemingly outlandish and elusive Metaverse is Snap’s much more grounded and accessible Pixy. Well, that is if you are living in the US or France, the only markets where it has been launched for now. It retails at $229 (around ₹17,548) and for that price, you are getting a small drone that the company describes as a “pocket-sized”, “friendly flying camera”. 

Here’s what you need to know about the new Snapchat drone camera.

Snap Pixy Specs and Features

Snap pixy

First of all, to be clear, the photos and videos you capture out of Pixy can be edited using other apps on your phone or even exported to your computer. The images are of a 12-megapixel size and video clips of 2.7K resolution with 30 frames per second. Although Pixy defaults to shooting in landscape, within the Snapchat app, you get a cropping tool to convert the captures into portrait mode.

On Pixy, you get 16GB of storage. You can always transfer the onboard files/data to a phone/PC using a wired or a wireless medium. You get Bluetooth BLE and 5GHz WiFi AC for wireless connectivity.

Coming to the drone design, it is 101 grams in heft (including battery), and 131.7mm x 106mm x 17.6mm in dimensions. So, it is fairly light and small. Because of those things and in that yellow color, you are likely to find it cute. 

Snap Pixy

It is reportedly easy to use and works without a controller. In case you are wondering, it is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

On top of it, there is a silver-colored dial that lets you choose from one of the preset flight paths like Orbit (circles around you), Hover (tracks you from location), and Reveal (from a set distance, it will fly back to you). From within the Snapchat app, you also get to configure new flight paths. But, Pixy’s scope of movement is just up to 60 seconds within a range of 2 to 3m.

Around the dial, there are 4 rotors (within protective casings) that keep the thing flying.

Now, depending on the flight modes you choose, Pixy is rated to run for 5-8 flights. And when it seeks charge, you can either swap a different battery (easily replaceable but is something you have to buy separately) or top it up through a USB-C port on the body. Snap claims you get to recharge 80-percent of the full capacity in 20 minutes and 100-percent in 40 minutes.

Among other things, you should know that Pixy is not water resistant and so should not be exposed to "rain, snow, or submerged in water".

Snap Pixy Price and Availability

As already mentioned, Snap has released the Pixy in the US and France at $229 (~₹17,548). The batteries cost $19.99 (~₹1531) a piece. You can order a portable dual battery charger priced $50 (~₹3832). The company notes the Pixy will be on sale until stock lasts. There is no word about its availability in other markets like India. 

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