Smart health gadgets for your home

Smart health gadgets for your home

The healthcare industry is booming with various smart gadgets that can aid you in monitoring your body metrics and taking care of your general health. Having such gadgets at your disposal enables you to track vital health signs and make the necessary decisions, without the need for professional help every time. Here is a comprehensive list of four such smart health gadgets that are available on Amazon, which you can buy to take good care of your health in general. Note that all these products have been selected based on their listed features.  

ActoFit SmartScale

Here is a multi-utility gadget that gives you detailed information about various metrics of your body to provide you with an all-round analysis. It shows 15 different metrics, including BMI, body fat %, body water %, bone mass, fat-free weight, muscle mass, physique rating and an overall health score, to name a few. It delivers accurate readings using the dual-frequency BIA technology, as per company claims. Furthermore, it comes with an easy Bluetooth connectivity option, enabling you to connect your smartphone to the gadget and see all the analysis reports with ease on the AcroFit app. Finally, it lets you set up 16 different profiles so that you and your loved ones can maintain the records of the progress against your fitness goals, individually, for a long time.

Dr.Trust Digital Infrared Thermometer

Here is a digital infrared thermometer from Dr.Trust that enables you to check temperatures of both living and nonliving things without initiating any contact. You just need to keep the thermometer at a distance of 5cm from the forehead of the person to get the reading in only three seconds, as per company claims. It can read temperatures from anywhere between 0°C and 100°C, which should enable you to take readings of milk bottles for babies or hot water before a bath. It takes temperature readings in Fahrenheit as well, making it a universally usable product. The infrared thermometer first checks for the temperature and gives colour coded alerts if you are ill, so that you can consult a doctor immediately.

BPL Smart Oxy

Here is a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter from BPL that gives SpO2 readings, enabling you to get a clear picture of the oxygen levels in your blood and make the required decisions, based on the readings. It reads blood oxygen levels with a minimum deviation of +/-2% and the pulse rate with a minimum variation of +/-2bpm, which is fairly accurate and should be good enough to give you a clear idea of when to visit a doctor and when not to. The gadget sports an OLED screen with multi-directional display to show both these readings along with the SpO2 waveform and the battery status indicator. Finally, the compact size of the gadget makes it an easily portable device, and it comes with a case so that you can carry it around safely.

Oracura Water Flosser

Here is a wireless Water Flosser from Oracura that enables you to keep your teeth clean and free of germs, plaque and stuck food pieces. You just need to point the 360° nozzle and press the button to shoot the water to the area that you want to clean. Such a device comes in handy for users who have braces or other dental appliances in their mouth, as they can now clean those hard-to-reach areas and maintain their oral hygiene. The device operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which should deliver a battery backup of 10-15 days even with a couple of hours charging, depending on the use, according to the brand. It has a water storage tank with a capacity of 150ml, which should be enough for a single wash. Finally, it comes with a wireless charging dock, making it an efficient smart device that takes up just 2.5 inches of counter space.
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