Portable photo studios for product photography

Portable photo studios for product photography

If you’re a photographer, the chances are that you’re on the lookout for something that lets you take your studio around with you. Here are a set of portable light studios which you can carry around wherever you go and not have to worry about lighting, framing, composition, background or anything else. These portable photo studios are perfect for product photographers as they are lightweight, easy to use and provide a range of functionality so that you can focus on getting the perfect shot rather than setting everything up. So, here are the best portable photo studios for product photography which you can find on Amazon.

Orangemonkie Foldio2 Plus

If you want to indulge in professional-grade product photography, then the Orangemonkie Foldio2 Plus is a great option for a portable photo studio. The magnetic structure of this system allows you to assemble the studio box in quick time. The foldable and lightweight design should allow you to carry it with your camera kit. The triple LED system is certainly an update from the previous version, which only had one strip of light. The additional light should give you sharper images with fine details. The in-line controls of the LED lights account for an easy process of controlling the light system. The magnetic top cover with a big hole in it should enable you to click flat lay pictures as well, which is the requirement for some products.

Smiledrive Professional Photo Studio Light Box

This is a 60x60x60 cube-shaped portable light studio from Smiledrive. It comes with a black outer exterior and a silver interior so that you can bounce light around and illuminate your subject in the best way possible. The simple interior of this portable studio makes sure that your subject stays in focus and at the centre of the attention. The studio itself comes with two super bright LED lights and an adapter to control the intensity of the light. The box has openings at the top and the front, so that you can take shots from varying angles, while being well lit and portray the essence of the subject better. 

SMILEDRIVE Photobooth Box Studio

Here is a portable photo studio from SMILEDRIVE that is perfect for clicking pictures of small to medium-sized products with ease. One of its user-friendly properties is that it comes with two background panels – black and white. With the black background, you can take pictures of products that have a light texture and colour in a better way. The portable studio uses two units of LED lights with a reading of 1000 in the LUX meter, which is the highest in the class, according to the brand. Since these LED lights have magnetic tips on them, which is why they can be easily fixed at the top of the booth cover. You can set up the whole booth in a few minutes by just inserting the PVC rods in the plastic knobs, covering it with the photo booth cover and attach the magnetic LED lights to it. Finally, it comes with a handy bag in which you can put all the parts, once disassembled, and carry it around.


The Foldio 3 from OrangeMonkie is a high-quality photo box which comes with two halogen light bars for ample illumination of your subject. The halogen lights can be mounted to different parts of the light studio so that you can try a variety of different light situations to suit your particular needs. The front of the studio is entirely open, meaning that you can get a range of different shots. The box has support for a range of coloured backgrounds, meaning that you can mix and match a variety of light intensities, different backgrounds and see what works the best for your subject. The handy fold and carry design of the portable light studio makes it a good choice for photographers on the go.  

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