Personal Mini GPS tracker for kids with smartphone app control

Personal Mini GPS tracker for kids with smartphone app control

All parents worry about their child’s safety, even when they go off to school. But there is a way of making this tension vanish, once and for all, with mini-GPS trackers. By using these devices, you would have peace of mind that your child is safe at all times. Some of them also offer two-way audio through which you can stay in touch with them. If you are looking to buy a mini-GPS tracker for your kid, make sure it offers real-time monitoring along with geofencing as it improves the level of security. Here are a few good options of mini-GPS trackers for kids on Amazon: 

Trakbond Trail – Smallest Real-Time GPS Tracker 

The Trakbond Trail – Smallest Real-Time GPS Tracker keeps your little ones safe and secure when you are not around with its several tracking and security features. The device has a safe zone alert through which you can define your local area, and if your child wanders off, it will send you an instant alert via a notification. It also gives real-time tracking and timeline view, giving you your child’s entire day activities, such as time spent at school and tuition, at a glance. Some of its other prominent features are a modish and compact design, panic button, and location history. 

iChildguard Personal GPS Tracker

The iChildguard Personal GPS Tracker doesn’t only help in keeping track of your child, but it also assists in keeping in touch with them with its two-way audio. The tracker comes equipped with a geofencing feature through which you can set up a safe zone, and whenever your child crosses it, the tracker sends an alert to your smartphone. It also offers an SOS button using which your child can get in touch with you in case of an emergency. Apart from these, it gives a do-not-disturb feature that can be switched on during school hours or at night.  

TrailO ™ iSecureAssure – Mini GPS Tracker 

The TrailO ™ iSecureAssure – Mini GPS Tracker comes with an SOS alarm and voice monitoring, enabling you to talk to your child in case of any emergency. It features the geofencing technology that can help you ensure your child remains within a safe radius without wandering off. The GPS tracker also has a historical route playback through which you can look back where your child has been in the past three months. Some of its other features are that it is easy to use, easy to carry, and splashproof. 

Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker

The Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker has a 14-day long battery and works on a sophisticated nationwide 4G LTE network. It brings you real-time updates directly to your smartphone using its GPS app available on Apple Store and Play Store. It is portable and easy to carry anywhere, making it perfect for kids. The Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker has a geofencing feature; that is, the tracker sends an alert to your smartphone (text, email, or push notification) when your child goes beyond your defined safe zone.
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