Multipurpose heating pads for neck, back and knees

Multipurpose heating pads for neck, back and knees

With the winter season getting colder each year, it’s time to order some essentials like room heaters and heating pads to deal with those painful muscles, stiffness and cramps. But if you plan on bringing home traditional heating pads then you need to rethink as electric heating pads are dominating the market right now. These are better alternatives as they are safer and can be heated in a few minutes. Read on to know more about some of the best heating pads available on Amazon. 

MCP Electric Heating pads

MCP offers a pain-relieving heating pad for joints, muscles, back and knees. It is made of carbon fibre which has long service life and is corrosion resistant. Its massage and hot compress help in relieving pain and increasing blood circulation so you don’t have to deal with hours of joint or muscle pain. Moreover, the electric heating belt can be used for all different body parts like knee, neck, shoulder, thigh, joints and more. The heating pad is made with plush microfibers and is capable of providing ultra-soft heat therapy. To provide convenience in use it comes with three heating levels (Low- 45℃, Medium- 65℃ and High-85℃) so you can switch between the three as per requirement. It also features a long cable for greater flexibility, an inbuilt thermostat and doesn’t consume excessive power. It can also be used on the abdomen to get rid of menstrual pain and cramps.

Dr Korpet electric heating pad

Dr Korpet offers pain-relieving electric heating pads that can help reduce stress and pain in the knees. It also helps in relieving migraines, menstrual pain, joint pain and various other types of muscle pains and stiffness. This heating pad is soft to touch and convenient to use. It comes with auto cut off feature (stops heating after 5-10 minutes of charging) to avoid accidents. This heating pad from Dr Korpet remains warm for 1-3 hours after 5-10 minutes of charging. Moreover, it's light, compact and can be easily carried wherever you want which makes it a value for money product and ideal for working or elderly people and travellers. Unlike hot water bottles, you don't need to change the water every time before using as it has a bottle sealed inside thus eliminating the danger of spills entirely. 

Dr Care Electric Heating pads

Dr Care offers velvet electric heating pads to provide ultra-soft heat therapy. It features Elove Heating Pad Technology to provide fast heat relief in 30 seconds (as claimed by the company). Its massage and hot compress help in relieving pain and increasing blood circulation. The makers utilize the UltraHeat Technology to ensure consistent heat transfer across the entire pad so all the area gets uniform heat and does not burn. Its ultra-soft material makes it convenient to use in arthritic pain, joint pain or for wearing while doing other activities, be it walking or driving. You can easily use it in different positions to relax as it features a 1.5 meter Power Cord. The pad also has an indicator that informs when the heating pad is fully charged to prevent overcharging. 

WROXTY heating pad

This orthopaedic heating pad by Wroxty helps relieve muscle pain and stiffness from different body parts. It has a soft, washable cotton cover that allows you to easily and securely wrap the pad around your shoulder, knee, elbow, neck, etc. It features three-level temperature settings, low, medium and high so you can switch between the three depending on your requirement. The pad has an in-built thermostat for precise temperature control to prevent overheating and accidents. The four layers of insulation on either side not only keep the user safe but also help in evenly distributing the heat. It comes with an insulated charging cable to further ensure the user’s safety. It has a free size and can be used by adults as well as kids.
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