Multiplugs with long cables

Multiplugs with long cables

Having a multiplug with a long cable has become a necessity in todays world, due to the sheer number of gadgets and devices that we have in our homes and offices. You may just need it for plugging in your laptop, mobile charger, TV, soundbar and more. Here is a list of multi plugs with long cables that you can consider buying at Amazon.

Belkin Essential Series 4-Socket

If you are looking for an extension board with a long cable that safeguards your appliances from current surges, then this model from Belkin should do you good. With a 1.5m long cable, it should be easy to use this board without having to sit close to the wall sockets. You can use it to set up your personal computer system, and you can easily plug in the monitor, CPU, speakers and the printer. It can manage a maximum spike current of 6500 Amps, and for this, it uses a three-line protection system through all the four sockets. This ensures that all the connected appliances remain safe from fluctuations in current. With a claimed fast response time of less than 1 nanosecond, you can expect an efficient performance from this extension board. 

Goldmedal Curve Plus 205101 Plastic 240 i-Strip LED Spike Guard Adapters

Here is a multi-plug board that you can mount on a wall with six universal 3-point outlets in it and a 2m long heavy duty wire. One of the best features of this extension board is its LED spike guard adapter, which will change the color of the LED if it detects high voltage inputs. You can now set up your entire computer system with just this one board at your disposal, saving you a lot of space and money. The LED strips on the side glow upon switching the device on, which is a handy visual indicator. This not only acts as an indicator of the board working but also adds to the aesthetics and design of the board. Furthermore, this also helps you to plug in or out a device even under low light conditions.

GM Modular 3041-Trio 2 Pin Flex Box 5 meter

The GM Modular 3041-Trio can hold up to three plugs in it with a 3-point universal outlet and two 2-point pins. It comes with a 5m long cable, which makes it ideal for people who want to use it at a place that is at a substantial distance from the nearest plug point. The soft rubber grommet ensures that the board and the insulation mechanism remain intact. Furthermore, it has an LED indicator that glows. This lets you know when the board is ready to be used. All three points support internal plug pins as well and operate at 240V.

Belkin Essential Series 8-Socket Surge Protector Universal Socket with 6.5ft Heavy Duty Cable

If you are looking for multiple sockets in an extension board, then this board from Belkin should surely interest you thanks to its 8-socket system. It also comes with surge protector so that all your devices are safe from any damage, even with fluctuations in the power supply. It comes with a 2m heavy-duty wire that allows you to use it for multiple devices, be it your laptop, TV, monitor or other electrical appliances. The maximum spike count is 13,000Amp collectively through all eight sockets. As per the claims of the company, the surge protector in this cord comes with a system that can detect a spike in power and can stabilize connected devices within a nanosecond. 

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