Motion sensing night lights for your bathroom

Motion sensing night lights for your bathroom

Motion-sensing night lights are LED models that are energy-conserving and designed to illuminate dark spaces. Having one in the bathroom can be quite useful, especially if you have elderly, children or disabled people at home. The additional assistance provided by these lights will ensure that nobody accidentally bumps into anything in the dark. 

Hoteon Motion Sensor Light

Hoteon Motion Sensor Light works well both indoors and outdoors to provide a reliable lighting solution. The led sensor light includes dusk to dawn sensor and motion activation. The lights automatically turn on when motion is detected within a 7 to 10 feet range, within an angle range of 120 degrees. It is highly energy-efficient and powers off after 15-30 seconds of inactivity. It is powered by three batteries that have a long life. The device is simple to install with the help of double-sided adhesive pads and built-in magnets. There is no requirement for hardwiring of the lights. 

Mr. Beams MBN340 200-Lumen Networked LED Wireless Motion Sensing Spotlight System

Mr. Beams MBN340 200-Lumen Networked LED Wireless Motion Sensing Spotlight System contains technology to create a wireless network. Each outdoor light has four channels for different lighting zones, and the lights get activated when motion is detected up to 30 feet away. It has an automatic turn off function that triggers when there is no motion for 20 seconds. Installation can be completed within 5 minutes.

Novelty Place LED Motion Sensor Lights

Novelty Place LED Motion Sensor Lights will turn on automatically when they sense motion. These lights do not light up in the morning to save on energy, and the auto-detection feature ensures that the lights deactivate after 15 to 30 seconds of inactivity. The product comes with strong double-sided adhesive pads that allow it to be stuck anywhere, and the built-in magnet ensures that they can be placed on metal surfaces too. Each light is 3 inches wide and 0.7-inch thick and contains 6 LEDs. The detection range of the device is up to 8 feet.

ASGTRADE Motion Sensor Light

ASGTRADE Motion Sensor Light has three modes and can work for 10 hours in the long-bright mode on a single charge and for 2 months in the induction mode, according to the brand. The product comes with a USB charging cable, and its magnet allows it to be installed on any metal. The light will automatically light up for 20 seconds and activates when people are within a 5-metre range. It is equipped with a 400 mAh super capacity battery and can be placed in different places. 

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