Leaked Windows 8 screenshots show upcoming Windows App Store

By Abhinav Lal | Updated 12 Apr 2011
Leaked Windows 8 screenshots show upcoming Windows App Store

While the following Windows 8 images were leaked more than a month ago, they have begun circulating all over the web in the recent past. The images, sourced from milestone builds of Windows 8, show the Windows App Store.


[RELATED_ARTICLE]Apart from hosting Microsoft software like Office 2010, users will also be able to download Windows compatible third-party apps, share gift coupons, and more.

Very similar in interface to the Apple App Store, Mac App Store, and the Chrome Web Store, the Windows App Store layout has been criticized for being unoriginal.

As the images are from a milestone build, you can expect more than a few changes before the release. 

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Abhinav Lal

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