Landline phones with caller ID and hands-free speakerphone

Landline phones with caller ID and hands-free speakerphone

Although it is now a cell phone world that we live in and landlines are only limited to offices, counters and business places, they are still widely used. The advancement in technology has also made these corded phones stay up to date with the newest features and functions. Landlines are also quite often used in homes, especially when living with a large family. If you are also looking to buy a landline phone for your home or office, you should consider going for the ones that come with a caller ID display and hands-free speakerphone, allowing you to take advantage of the technology for your convenience and comfort. Read below to know more about landline phones with caller ID and speakerphone available on Amazon.

Beetel M59 landline phone

This Beetel M59 landline phone comes with an alphanumeric keypad which allows you to easily and conveniently make urgent business calls. This feature also allows you to enter letters whenever required. The landline features a hold button that can be used to place calls on hold and a finish button is present to end conference calls. It comes with a 16 digit LCD display on which you can easily view the details of the incoming calls. It has 37 incoming call memory, 37 VIP call memory, 15 outgoing call memory and 10 one-touch memories. With the two-way speakerphone, you can simply press the speaker mode button and attend calls completely hands-free. The solid built quality gives it a strong design and long-lasting durability.

Panasonic KX-TSC60SXB landline phone

This Panasonic KX-TSC60SXB landline phone features an ergonomic design that gives you a comfortable and firm grip over the receiver so that you can easily and comfortably make and attend calls over this phone. The corded Panasonic phone comes with an LCD that flashes the incoming call details so that you know who is calling before receiving the call. It has a built-in memory that can store up to 30 call logs and 5 redial numbers, giving you the ease of calling on your saved or previously called numbers.

Alcatel T-76 landline phone

This Alcatel T-76 landline phone features a 3 level ringtone control which allows you to set the ringtone volume at high, low or medium according to your choice and convenience. It comes with an extra-large numeric display for visual comfort while dialling a number on the landline. This corded phone is line powered and does not require any battery to operate. The speakerphone feature gives you a completely hands-free experience while making or attending calls so that you can have a long conversation while performing other chores or activities. It comes with eight direct and ten 2-touch memories, which allow you to call your contacts easily. It also features a detailed call log to check missed calls. 

Motorola FW210 landline phone

This Motorola FW210 landline phone has a built-in FM radio which allows you to tune into your favourite FM channels and listen to your favourite songs on the landline. It features a large phonebook memory that can store up to 1000 names and numbers. This wireless landline has a long chargeable battery life and a large battery backup to ensure long-lasting performance. The backlit display featured in this phone makes it easier to send and receive messages. With the hands-free speakerphone, you can have long conversations without having to hold the receiver in your hand. The fixed wireless phone can save up to 200 messages making it convenient for you to go through important messages at the comfort of your home or office.
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