Game triggers that will give you an edge in FPS games on phones

Game triggers that will give you an edge in FPS games on phones

Mobile gaming is a serious business these days. There are many mobile gaming tournaments with staggeringly high prize pools, and that is why gaming phones and gaming phone peripherals are becoming so popular. Some of the most popular mobile games include Battlegrounds Mobile India, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire and the likes. These games are all precision-based shooters in which players need to rely on their aim and accuracy to get the crucial shots and win games. For many, this can be quite tricky, but with the help of certain peripherals, you can gain a competitive advantage. Gaming triggers are a great way to improve your game, so here are some which can give you an edge in FPS games on phones.

GameSir Mobile Trigger

A common issue with most triggers is that they do not stay in place. This one counters that by offering a sturdy mechanism to hold the triggers in place. You can attach the holder to one side of the phone, and the triggers are in place and perfectly aligned with the side of the screen. Then, go into your game settings, remap the aim and fire buttons to the contact points of the trigger on the screen, and you’re good to go. Not just that, the buttons are plug and play – there are no complicated applications or setup procedures. Interestingly, the trigger also offers the ability to set turbo modes, meaning once you push the trigger, it will register as 3, 6 or 9 touch inputs.

RedTech 1Red Aim Button Game Shooter

Here’s a gaming trigger that nets a lot of value considering what you pay. Users get not just a set of two triggers, but also 4 finger sleeves, which can be worn on the thumbs and the index fingers, enabling a smooth touch experience. Often, if you have dry hands, fingers don’t glide smoothly over the screen, which is where the sleeves come in handy. This lets you aim exactly where you want. Paired with the easy to set up triggers, you can get the most frags in your squad. The triggers can be placed wherever you want as they are not bound by any contraption. Interestingly, they offer a nice tactile feel, which helps you keep track of your shooting as well.

DUETMI PRO MAX Auto Gun Pubg Mobile Gaming Controller Sensitive Aim and Fire Red Black Triggers

This set of gaming triggers is a great pick for the average gamer. If you don’t like reaching your hand awkwardly to touch buttons, the finger sleeves and triggers will come in quite handy. This lets you map and fix your shooting and aim buttons under the contact points, and once you’re done with that, you simply need to place the triggers wherever you want. Following that, when in-game, to aim, you can press the Left trigger button, and shoot, the Right trigger button. Apart from that, the finger sleeves are quite handy, too, as they allow for a smooth glide over the screen and reduce incorrect touch responses. 

Digilex Mobile Phone Gamepad Gaming Trigger

If you’ve got a large phone and small hands, gaming on it can be slightly hard. Reaching out to buttons can be a bit frustrating, and you can’t place all the buttons very close to one another, or that could result in incorrect inputs. So, get yourself a pair of Digilex gaming triggers that can make things easier for you. You can map a set of controls, relocate their position on screen and place the triggers on top of the contact point. This will allow you to hit the triggers to match the same action. With the help of this, you’ll be popping heads and winning games in no time. The triggers are quite durable as well, making them great for gamers.
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