Four accessories to babyproof your home

Four accessories to babyproof your home

It won’t be wrong to assume that raising a child is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. The most important part is to make sure the kids are safe and away from harm, and it requires constant monitoring to achieve this goal. Several baby proofing accessories have helped people babyproof their houses effectively in recent years. In this article, we will be highlighting some of these products so you can protect your little one from dangerous situations more effectively.

AMAZARA Baby Proofing Corner Guards

This corner guard by Amazara can prove to be quite useful if you are planning to babyproof your house. These soft, high-density foam cushions protect the babies and elders from getting injured by sharp edges and corners of furniture and walls. You no longer restrict your toddlers from exploring every nook and corner as this corner guard has a strong adhesion (compared to other tapes) and can be used for table corners, desk edges, nightstands, bed frames, and other sharp edges. The corner guards have pre-attached tape to help you save time during installation and make the process even more simple. You need to remove the tape and press it firmly over the corner you want to apply it on. The makers recommend that you wait for at least 12 hours for the higher viscosity of the 3M adhesive. It is a non-toxic, eco-friendly, and child-friendly product that can easily be used around the house. 

BabySafeHouse Electrical Socket Cover

BabySafeHouse electrical socket covers help protect your babies and toddlers from hazardous power outlets. This outlet cover is a premium quality, child-friendly material and comes in handy in childproofing the house. It is designed in such a manner that it can blend quite well with all kinds of interiors without deteriorating the looks of the room. It is quite easy to install and uninstall. All you need to do is insert the protector in the unused outlets and fix it firmly so the kids can’t remove it. You can remove it later on without damaging the outlets once it has served its purpose. It is quite affordable and allows you to let your child explore and roam around freely without worrying about their safety. 

KidDough Corner Safety Strip

This safety corner strip by KidDough can prove to be a blessing in disguise as it lets you secure all the sharp edges and corners around the house, so your little ones don’t end up hurting themselves. You can now let your babies roam freely and explore every nook and corner by installing this safety corner strip. Be it the edges of the tables or corners of walls, this safety strip can easily stick to all kinds of surfaces. It is designed by professionals and uses premium quality foam-like material, easily absorbing high impacts and retaining shape. The use of strong and durable tape ensures that the cover is firmly installed and your baby can’t take it off easily. 

Baybee Door Drawer Stopper 

This door stopper can prove to be quite useful if your baby has recently started crawling or walking and loves exploring the house. It can be used in multiple ways but is commonly used as a stopper for doors, cupboards and drawers. It is quite easy to install and is firmly fixed in place so the kids can’t remove it easily. You won’t need any tools to install this stopper as you only need to peel off the cover and stick it firmly to the surface you want to apply it on. It is made from high-quality EVA material which is non-toxic and child-friendly. It can be locked by pressing the two buttons simultaneously and can’t be easily unlocked by babies. It features a soft TPR bar, and a compact, lightweight design that blends well with all kinds of interiors.
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