Durable USB flash drives that do not break easily

Durable USB flash drives that do not break easily

If your work still requires the use of physical storage in the form of a pen drive, then you must read this. While cloud storage and easy sharing options have reduced the need for a pen drive, there are still occasions when you can’t do without one. Knowing the risks of losing data due to physical damage, we have compiled a list of four pen drives that come in a sturdy body and provide total protection from small accidents. We skimmed through Amazon to pick the best four you can invest your money in. These products range across price range and storage options. 

SanDisk Ultra Dual SDDD3-128G

The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive m3.0, as the name suggests, offers dual side connectivity. It allows the pen drive to be used as an OTG via micro USB on one end and a pen drive using the other end, i.e. USB 3.0. This not just makes it easy to transfer data from your phone to your PC or laptop but also allows you to shift files on the go when the internet is patchy. The USB 3.0 connector is high-performance and backwards-compatible with USB 2.0 ports. It also works with the SanDisk Memory Zone app for Android, which lets you manage your device’s memory and your content. It claims file transfer speeds up to 150MB/s. It is also compact and portable. 

Kingston DataTraveler 50 64GB

This pen drive has a minimalistic design, but its sturdy metal casing should be able to bear some pressure. It uses USB 3.1 to offer a relatively faster performance in tasks like transferring music, heavy videos or photos. It is backwards compatible with existing USB 2.0 ports for added convenience. The key advantage is its 5-years manufacturer warranty that assures that the drive won’t die soon. Even if it does, you might get a replacement. 

Toshiba U20

This is another sturdy yet straightforward USB flash drive that is designed to be compact without compromising on the storage capacity. It has a protection software that provides a security layer with a password option to your data and prevents it from loss or theft. It has an efficient design that’s easy to carry, but most importantly, it is made of solid polycarbonate material that can resist some serious stress. It also comes in multiple colours for those who want everything fancy. 

SanDisk Cruzer Force 16GB

The Cruzer Force from Sandisk is another sturdy yet affordable flash drive that can get the job done without spending a lot of money. This particular model comes with a 16GB storage space and USBV 2.0 interface. It comes with SecureAccess software pre-installed, which allows you to share only selected files and the rest can be kept secured under password protection from the secondary user. Finally, it has a small hole in the metal casing of the pen drive allows the user to connect it with a string or key ring for easy carriage.

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