Digit Weekly: Meltdown and Spectre flaws, Honor View 10 price and review, Xiaomi Mi A1 gets Android Oreo and more

By Hardik Singh | Published on 05 Jan 2018
  • From new smartphone launches to a complete meltdown of the PC industry, a lot happened this week. Here are the top tech stories.

Digit Weekly: Meltdown and Spectre flaws, Honor View 10 price and review, Xiaomi Mi A1 gets Android Oreo and more

2018 is here and has brought its own set of problems, leaks, launches and tech stories. Week 1 had its ups and downs but in the end, there was a lot to cover and it is more than likely that you may have missed something amidst your busy schedule. Worry not, here is your weekly dose of tech news for week 1 of 2018. 

Meltdown and Spectre
The biggest news this week was about two security flaws - Meltdown and Spectre. While Meltdown is an Intel Specific flaw affecting processors dating back a decade, the Spectre bug will affect almost everything running Intel, AMD, and ARM chips. You seriously need to update your PC and browsers. Take a look at the story here.

Huawei Honor 10 prices revealed - Rs 29,999
Honor's new V10 aka View 10 is here and is now the flagship for the company. It is a hair better than the OnePlus 5T and the camera is certainly amongst the best we have seen from Huawei. However, the best part is the price, which at Rs 29,999, makes the phone a very good deal. Here is our review of the phone.

Smartphone trends 2018
If you thought Apple’s Face ID is a new age technology, you may see a lot more of it this year. Based on what’s happening in the industry, here are our projected smartphone trends for 2018.

How soon can autonomous cars go mainstream?
Lidar makers Velodyne announced this week that they are slashing the prices of their VLP-16, by nearly 50 percent. The company is doing so as it is moving to a ‘megafactory’, making Lidar systems more affordable. This may make autonomous cars more affordable. Should you be excited, read more about it here.

Digit’s Great Indian Mobile after-sales survey
We conducted a huge mobile survey recently and you guys poured in your feedback about the after-sales services of your favorite and not so favorite mobile brands. Here are the results.

Xiaomi Mi A1 gets Oreo
The Mi A1 is still the best phone to buy under the 15K budget and the phone just got updated to Android Oreo. We wanted to check what changes the new updates bring. Is it even worth upgrading? If you are also intrigued, take a look here.

CES 2018: New Dell XPS 13 announced
Dell XPS 13 is one of the most loved ultrabooks in the PC industry, but after almost half a decade, the age of its design was starting to show. Hence, Dell has updated the design and it is now powered by 8th gen Intel processors. Here, take a look

CES 2018: Samsung C-Lab showcase
Samsung is not just making some of the best-looking smartphones currently, it is also working on some interesting products which may or may not see a production line. From the likes of portable directional speakers to a lung recovery breathing solution, Samsung is working on some cool new projects. You can give this a read here.

CES 2018: LG is bringing its 8K OLED TVs this year
Remember the 4K LG ‘paper thin’ TV the company announced in 2017, well this year LG is upping the game even further. The company will introduce new 8K models of the TV with AI support. While 8K content is still very hard to find, the TV is a beauty to look at. Check out the story here.

CES 2018: Lenovo Thinkpad line of laptops get a refreshed
Lenovo has updated its trusty commercial line of Thinkpad laptops with 8th gen Intel core processors. Moreover, the laptops are now lighter, thinner and offer better battery life. You can read more about it here.

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