Cable protectors to extend your charging wire’s life

Cable protectors to extend your charging wire’s life

Most of the smartphones that you find nowadays don’t have a battery that will last you an entire day, which makes carrying your charger an absolute necessity. But when you pack your smartphone charger in your bag, its cable will suffer from extreme bending leading to exposed wires due to damage, putting you and your smartphone at risk. You can eliminate these risks by a huge margin by getting one of the cable protectors mentioned below.

HUMBLE Spiral Charger Cable Protector

The part of the cable that is most prone to damage is the tip. HUMBLE saw this and designed these spiral charger cable protectors to safeguard the ends. This tiny cable protector is made from high-quality silicone and can be used with a variety of cables ranging from chargers to computer cables. These easy-to-install cable protectors can be used to hide away any internal wire that has been exposed due to excessive bending and ensures protection from hazardous fires and other mishaps. They are available in a variety of colours so you can mix and match according to your preference and style. These silicone cable protectors are soft as well as durable, prolonging the cable’s life span, and would be an excellent accessory for your travel charger.

Rapidotzz 7-in-1 Multi Combo Pouch with Spiral Cable Protectors

When it comes to cable protection, the Rapidotzz 7-in-1 is a complete package. It has almost everything that you’ll need, ranging from an earphone jack clip to a travel pouch to keep all your essential cords. The spiral cable protectors not only keep the wires out of harm’s way but also gives them a premium touch. But that’s not all, the cable clips and earphone jack clips help ensure easy and safe use. The earphone winder and pouch bundled in the package make it a good choice for people who carry a lot of cables on their trips and tours. It comes with stickers that you can use with your charger, earphones and various other cables to show your inner geekiness.

Printme Spiral Cable Cord and Earphone Wire Protectors Set of 3 Pieces

If you are planning on getting a cable protector that is not only easy to install but also withstands the test of time, then you should check this one out. The Printme Spiral Cable Cord and Earphone Wire Protector is made from silicone that provides it with high flexibility as well as durability, which are some must-have traits in good quality cord protectors. These cable protectors are present in a variety of colours and designs so you can mix and match according to your taste. Its high-quality build and durable design make sure that your cables don’t suffer from breakage and damage while they are folded neatly in your bag. You can put these on any charger or earphone cable that is 1.5m long without any hassle.

CocoRio Spiral Charger Cable Protector

Are you looking for a high-quality silicone cable protector that is not only durable but also easy to use? You might want to check out these protectors by CocoRio. These flexible cable protectors protect the ends of your cable from breaking apart and thus extend their lifespan. You can even use them to cover any exposed cable wire to make that cable or cord safer than it was before. Give your boring plain white or black cables a makeover by mixing and matching different colours while adding an extra layer of protection over them. These CocoRio cable protectors are easy to use and don’t cost a bomb, making them a good investment against breakage and fraying.
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