Best tummy twisters to strengthen your core

Best tummy twisters to strengthen your core

We all know the immense benefits of having a strong core. It supports a good running form, enhances your stability, and keeps up a better posture. However, your core isn’t only your six-pack abs! Your core extends to your torso as well, including the muscles in your back and side. If you want to strengthen your entire core from front to back, you might want to take a look at a tummy twister. The equipment targets the muscles in your torso, making it look more trimmed and giving you a better physique! In case you are on the lookout for a tummy twister, make sure that it comes equipped with a sturdy build and stable base. Plus, also ensure that the one you finalise has skin-friendly material to avoid skin irritation. Here are four good options of tummy twisters on Amazon that can strengthen your core:       

5 ‘o’ Clock Sports Tummy Twister   

The 5 ‘o’ Clock Sports Tummy Twister features a spiky surface that helps in maximising its efficiency. Moreover, it also assists in providing a pleasant massage effect, giving you a tingling skin sensation. Equipped with a stability disk, which has a diameter of 33 cm, the twister is suitable for people of any size. It consists of a high-quality, non-slip, and abrasion-proof material that makes it skin-friendly as well. Offering a compact, lightweight, and portable design, you can use the 5 ‘o’ Clock Sports Tummy Twister anywhere without any hassle! Apart from these, some of its other notable features are a balanced structure and durable design.     

Ap Tummy Twister  

The Ap Tummy Twister targets your internal and external obliques along with your spinal rotation, ensuring your core gets strengthened. By keeping your feet on its surface, the twister would help eliminate fatigue, revive senses, and improve blood circulation. Overall, you can use the Ap Tummy Twister for both core strengthening and acupressure. It weighs only 800 grams and features a portable design so that you can easily carry this twister around with you. You could even use it in your office! With the ability to support up to 100 kilograms of weight, the equipment is both durable and resilient. In addition to these, the twister also offers seamless rotation.    

N&M Tummy Twister 

The N&M Tummy Twister is a two-in-one piece of equipment that offers both a rotating disc and an acupressure plate. Whereas the rotating disc can be used for toning up the body and strengthening the core, the acupressure plate can provide the benefits of enhanced blood circulation. It can help in making your body slimmer, thanks to its built-in magnetic platform. Coming along with a non-slip foot pad, the N&M Tummy Twister ensures that you don’t slip while standing on its surface. Being portable and lightweight, this tummy twister is an extremely convenient fitness accessory that can be carried anywhere!     

Xianco Tummy Twister 

The Xianco Tummy Twister is powered by a total of 8 magnets that help in improving your blood circulation and reducing your muscle ache. Featuring a precision ball bearing on its rotation platform, the twister can give a smooth and fluid motion, giving way to a vigorous form of aerobic exercise. It is a fusion of reflexology, exercise, and magnetic therapy that creates effective workout equipment. Its wave disc can massage and stimulate the meridian points on the bottom of your feet that help promote good health. It is easy to use and maintain and offers a stable base.
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