Best stylus pen for touch-enabled displays

Best stylus pen for touch-enabled displays

Ever felt annoyed (or disgusted) by those countless smudges that appear on your devices’ touch-enabled screen? If your answer was yes, then it is probably time to put an end to it by getting a stylus pen. These stylus pens are a great way of improving touch accuracy on displays and thus are also used by graphic designers, artists, and other creative professionals. Here are some of the best options that you can pick on Amazon!

Adonit Dash 3

This Fine Point Precision stylus pen can help you avoid smudging or scratching your screen as it is compatible with all screen types and doesn’t leave any marks. You don’t need to install any app or software to use the pen that makes it easy and quick to use as you can start working with a single click! The company claims that the Dash 3 pen is equipped with an improved 1.9 mm tip that makes you feel no difference in paper or screen as it glides smoothly over it without any hiccups. It can be used for up to 14 hours in a single full charge and requires only 45 minutes to recharge completely (under optimal conditions). The dimensions of this 12-gram pen are 0.85 x 0.85 x 14.2 centimetres, and it also sports an aluminium carrying clip that can help you carry this stylus around safely and easily.


Compatible with iPad Pro 11-inch 1st Generation and the iPad 8th generation, it weighs about 100 grams only and hence can be carried around all day with ease. It can be fully charged in 60 to 80 minutes only, after which you can freely use it for up to 20 hours! It shuts down automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity. It has a durable, sensitive and smooth working tip that can make thick lines by tilting your hand and makes drawing and designing a smooth process. You don’t need to connect it to anything or install additional software as you can touch its top to start working. Its palm rejection feature helps protect your work from unnecessary touches by your palm while working, and you don’t even need to zoom in while writing the letters! Last but not least, the stylus is 9.2 mm wide, so you can have a better grip while working.

Dyazo Stylus Pen 

While the two products mentioned above are suitable for professional artists and designers, this one can be useful for people who need it to complete everyday tasks. Designed on a CNC machine, The Dyazo Stylus is a lightweight, non-digital, non-electronic stylus that does not require charging. Designed like a conventional pen, it has a precise, clear and thin tip for accurate writing and drawing experience and even comes with an extra nib for easy replacement. Compatible with Apple and Android devices, it weighs nearly 19 grams, making it easy to carry around. Since it has a tip similar to a pencil, you can even let kids use it to start their drawing or designing journey. Last but not least, it has magnetic caps at both ends, and you also get an extra disc which makes it a great purchase!


This stylus pen allows you to draw finer lines, make neat notes, and create accurate work without damaging your screen. Its clear disk helps you see where you are making a mark, while its tip has a diameter of 6 mm for making distinct lines. It is compatible with several devices like iPad, Kindle, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series phones, tablets, etc. You can also replace its tip without any extra effort or tool so that you are not distracted while working. It has a length of 140 mm, a disc diameter of 6.2 mm (including 2 mm rubber point), and weighs nearly 45 grams, making it highly portable. It has two rubber tips (one large and one small), so you can alternate between them as per your needs. It is made of stainless steel and aluminium that add to its durability, and it also comes with a protective cap to safeguard it from minor bumps, falls or hits.
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