Best radium glow stickers to decorate your child’s room in a fun way

Best radium glow stickers to decorate your child’s room in a fun way

When decorating your child’s room, there are many factors you must keep in mind. These include whether the decor would be long-lasting or not and whether it could be a possible hazard? If you are looking for a simple yet fun way of decorating your child’s room, you must consider radium stickers. These stickers come in a wide range of designs and can glow in the dark, making sure the room lights up as soon as the lights go off! It is perfect for those parents who want their children to sleep peacefully at night without being afraid of the dark. If you have decided to go for radium stickers, keep a couple of things in mind. These include going for variants with multiple designs and a strong adhesive. Following are a few good options of radium stickers on Amazon:   

DreamKraft Radium Stickers  

The DreamKraft Radium Stickers can turn your child’s room into a magical galaxy as it comes along with multiple stars, planets and moon stickers. It can transform any dull room into an enchanting space with brightened corners. All stickers come equipped with a strong adhesive that ensures they don’t fall off unless you remove them. You can install the DreamKraft Radium Stickers in 4 easy steps – separate the vinyl sticker from the roll provided, smoothen the wall or ceiling, clean it, and apply it. That’s all! Its other unique features are a long-lasting glow and a wide range of designs.  

Kolossalz Radium Ceiling Stickers  

The Kolossalz Radium Ceiling Stickers deliver a total of 152 stars, 2 medium smileys, a moon, a multi-coloured Earth, two airplanes, six spaceships, and a green-coloured Saturn. The set brings a mini-version of the solar system to your child’s room! These stickers can glow for hours at length without dimming, making sure your child falls asleep while wondering about outer space. A single pack of the Kolossalz Radium Ceiling Stickers can cover the entire ceiling. Its powerful adhesive ensures easy installation. It also makes sure that the stickers don’t fall off the surface! They can get charged on their own when exposed to light. A few other notable specs of these stickers are vinyl material and a durable stick.      

Atulya Radium Star Stickers  

The Atulya Radium Star Stickers comprise 124 small stars, 28 big-sized stars, a large multi-coloured galaxy, 3 fighter jets, 2 passenger airplanes, a missile, an earth orbit, a moon, 2 smileys, and 2 spaceships. This sticker set is enough to feed the wild imagination of your child at night! Thanks to their high-quality adhesive, they will remain stuck on to the walls or ceilings for a long period. Once you install the Atulya Radium Star Stickers, make sure to turn on the lights for some time. This is because self-adhesive radium stickers must absorb light first before glowing in the dark. The longer it absorbs light, the longer it glows in the dark. Apart from being used in children’s rooms, you can also use it to decorate TV backdrops, sofa walls, windows, doors, closets, freezers, and cabinets.      

DreamKraft Radium Night Stickers 

The DreamKraft Radium Night Stickers enable you to create a starry night sky inside your child’s room. Featuring a moon, 10 meteors, 20 four-pointed stars, 41 large-sized five-pointed stars, 42 medium-sized five-pointed stars, and 102 small five-pointed stars, this pack brings together 216 stickers in a single package. It won’t slip off after a few days, owing to its strong adhesive. The DreamKraft Radium Night Stickers can be easily installed without any hassle. Simply remove the stickers from the sheets, clean the surface, and apply them. In addition to these features, this sticker set also boasts a PVC-based material and a long-lasting glow.  

Kulpreet Singh