Best mixer grinders for large kitchens

Best mixer grinders for large kitchens

If you work in a large kitchen, you know how important it is to have things in reach. Gone are the days when you’d have a separate appliance for each kitchen activity. Now, with the help of mixer grinders, you can get almost everything done in a large kitchen. No longer do you have to look around for bowls, knives, and other equipment. Just pour it all into a trusty mixer grinder and get chutneys, mixed spices, shakes and juices in a jiffy. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your large kitchen, check out some of the best mixer grinders for large kitchens on Amazon. 

Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Looking for a mixer grinder that makes short work of staying in the kitchen and grinds all your herbs into a smooth paste? Then this option from Compton is the right choice. It comes with three jars of different sizes for a number of uses and maxi grind technology – which is faster and more efficient grinding using minimum dead spaces. Equipped with sharp blades, it smoothly grinds everything. Using the dial on the side, you can set a speed and a mode, which lets you choose consistency and thickness. Incidentally, it has a motor with increased airflow that produces lower heat and faster cooling, increasing the product life. 

Maharaja Whiteline MX-213 Joy Turbo HD 1000W Mixer Grinder

If cooking is your passion, then you’ve got to have one of these by your side. Make chutneys and juices at home with utmost ease as the Maharaja Whiteline comes with efficient blades and optimal results. It has a 22000 RPM motor that can grind the toughest of ingredients. To ensure the device doesn’t heat up while running, it has a new air ventilation system. This grinder comes with 1.5L Liquidizing Jar for juicing, 1L Dry Grinding Jar for grinding Indian masalas and 0.4L Chutney Grinding Jar for preparing chutney and purees. For best results, while grinding spices, it has a flow breaker, which ensures a smooth consistency.

Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder

On a budget but looking for a robust and efficient mixer grinder for everyday use? Check out this option from Philips, which comes with a coupler made from tough plastic material resulting in a firm engagement between the jar and the body – ensuring continuous grinding as you get on with your busy kitchen. Moreover, the specialised blades help cut even the toughest ingredients and present fine paste and smooth shakes for daily cooking. The grinder is perfect for the smooth grinding preparation of chutneys, dips, masalas and pastes. The added jars are leak-proof and are designed with rubber gaskets on the lids guaranteeing a tight fit and secure locking.

Inalsa Mixer Grinder Vito Blend

Here is a mixer grinder that is heavy duty and will make working in the kitchen a more enjoyable task. The grinder is versatile- it can cut, chop, grind, crush, puree and emulsify food items, all as per your requirements. In the grinder, you can not only get the basics done but also make fancy dips, fresh juices, and even chocolate shakes- as the blades have no trouble going through nuts and tough foods. To get the texture you want, you can start with speed 1 for grinding food into a soft paste and then go for speed 2 for quick mixing and lump-free, even texture. It comes with two jars, but the primary one is big enough to get things done without having to switch around.