Best mice that support Microsoft Swift Pair for Windows Laptops

Best mice that support Microsoft Swift Pair for Windows Laptops

High productivity laptop and workstation users always need to be on top of their work, no matter how many devices it is spread across. Working with multiple systems can be quite a chore if not managed well, but certain technologies combat the mismanagement of resources and help you streamline your workflow. One of the best among such technologies is Microsoft Swift Pair, which lets you seamlessly and quickly connect wireless devices via Bluetooth. Specific mice offer this technology too, and with this, you can switch between devices in a jiffy. So, here are some mice that support Microsoft Swift Pair for Windows.

Lenovo 600 Bluetooth 5.0 Silent Mouse

Looking for a simple, straightforward mouse for productivity and daily use? This offering from Lenovo is a great pick. It has a fairly traditional mouse design, with the basic left, right, and centre buttons and a scroll wheel. This means that it will be accessible to users with all mouse grips and all sizes of hands. The mouse boasts silent buttons and a blue optical sensor, making for better user experiences. The sensor is advantageous if you have a large screen – with a high DPI, you can cover more area in fewer swipes. One of the most convenient features is multiple device connectivity and quick pairing, which lets you switch between devices at the press of a button. 

Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse

With one of the lowest profile designs, it is the ideal travel and desk mouse for professionals of all kinds. The mouse can easily slide into your bag pockets and offers reliable performance and a stable connection with the system. The connection is backed by Microsoft Swift Pair, which quickly links up wireless peripherals. The mouse has a high quality left and right buttons, with a nice feeling, tactile scroll wheel. Thanks to BlueTrack technology, it works impressively well even on slick surfaces or glass, the final boss for mice sensors. It is quite compact, so users with small hands will feel right at home with it.  

Dell 1600DPI, WiFi/Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

Here is an ergonomic mouse that is easy to set up– and lets you get going right off the bat. It has a raised arch design, making it ideal for users with conventional mouse grips. This ensures less muscle pull which is a point to consider when purchasing a mouse for long term use. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality to connect to devices, and you can even connect it to tablets and Android devices. On Windows, the connection process is very simple. The buttons have a tactile feel, while the scroll wheel is ribbed for ease of use. With a max DPI of 1600, it is ideal for office use. 

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse

Simplicity and modernism are the name of the game here – it comes with a straightforward design that’s ergonomic and easy to use. It has a raised back, which offers good palm support, ideal for long hours of use. The buttons are tactile and have a nice feel to them, while the scroll wheel is conveniently located for optimal scrolling around data sheets as well as web pages. It can connect to devices via Bluetooth or a USB dongle. It uses Microsoft Swift Pair for Bluetooth connections, which lets you start working right away. It has a fast-tracking sensor, making for quick access to on-screen information.