Best electric kettles to fix up your hot water needs

Best electric kettles to fix up your hot water needs

The main use of an electric kettle is to heat water quickly, whether on chilly winter mornings, or even in the summer to make tea or coffee. These appliances are a better alternative as compared to gas stoves and geysers as they don’t consume excessive gas or result in sky-rocketing electricity bills. So if you are a bachelor, traveller or simply love to own innovative products, then read on to know more about the best electric kettles available online.

Pigeon by Stovekraft Amaze Plus

Stovekraft Amaze Plus 1.5L electric kettle from Pigeon comes with an elegant handle for a comfortable grip. Its stainless steel body and mirror-polished appearance give the kettle an aesthetic look. The kettle comes with a 360 degree swivel base for greater flexibility, easy lifting, and handling. For safe usage and convenient storage, the base is connected with a standard power cord. The kettle is cordless, which means that it allows cordless pouring that is great for both left and right-handed users. You don’t have to worry about the material as it is BPA free. The 1500 W concealed heating element quickly heats water so you don’t have to wait for too long. You can boil up to 1.5 L of water in just 5 to 7 minutes (as claimed by the company). It has a wide mouth so that you can pour out the contents and even clean the insides with a cloth.

Havells Aqua Plus

This stunning 1.2 litres double-walled electric kettle by Havells. Its stainless steel interior body keeps the beverages warm for a long time so you can enjoy tea, coffee or hot beverages anytime. To provide utmost protection it comes with a cool-touch body that doesn't heat up even when the water is heating up. Its wide mouth makes the process of filling, pouring and cleaning the kettle easier. Fast boiling is ensured by its 1500 watts heating element. Moreover, its cover protects the liquid from pollutants and prevents the heat from escaping, thereby keeping the water hot longer. It features an ergonomic on-off switch with a light indicator that helps you know whether the appliance is on or off. It also features an auto shut off function to prevent it from damage in case of overheating. The detachable base makes it convenient to use for both right and left-handed users. Also, its 360 degree rotating cordless base makes an impressive sight on any kitchen counter.

KENT 16023 Electric Glass Kettle

This 1.7 litres kettle has a borosilicate glass body so you can see the water inside. This also gives it a unique and interesting design and makes it easy to spot dirt. Its 360 degree rotating base makes the process of serving and pouring easier. The water boils quickly, thanks to the 1500 W heating element and the stainless steel heating plate present in the kettle. The auto switch-off feature prevents the kettle from overheating and boil-drying, thus increasing its life. The light indicator lets you know that the appliance is on and it emits a blue light when the water starts boiling. KENT has equipped it with a water level indicator that helps you check the water level in the kettle precisely. The ergonomic handle reduces physical effort and provides maximum efficiency. This electric kettle can be a good option for small get-togethers and sudden cravings when you want to make tea, coffee or green tea in a jiffy! 

Kitchoff WDF-151 

The Kitchoff WDF-151 is a heavy-duty kettle that can even act as a mini electric cooker which means you can even cook small amounts of porridge, stew etc in it. It has a rust-resistant stainless steel body and consumes nearly 600 watts of power. Kitchoff claims that this electric kettle boils water faster than a microwave or stove without sky-rocketing electricity bills. It even has an auto-shut feature that detects once the water boils or food is cooked and switches off the appliance. Available in two vibrant colours (black and red), it has a capacity of 1.7 litres and has a transparent lid made of glass that can handle high temperatures. Last but not least, it has an insulated handle so that you can easily hold the kettle and a 360° Swivel Base that allows users to easily move around the kettle and place it on the base. It even has a temperature control knob for better control. 

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