Best cookers that work on induction cooktops

Best cookers that work on induction cooktops

Switch to safe, precise and efficient cooking and bid adieu to traditional cookers by investing in modern cookers that are durable and strong. These pressure cookers are compatible with induction as well as gas stove, making them highly versatile and a good addition to your kitchen. Check out these cookers available on Amazon:

Hawkins Contura Black XT (CXT30)  Pressure cooker

Hawkins is a well-known brand trusted by many and has developed a revolutionary induction cooker, Hawkins Contura Black XT. It is compatible with gas stove as well as electric, halogen, ceramic, and induction cook-tops (thanks to its 4.8mm thick magnetic stainless steel base). Its Extra Thick base retains heat, spreads the heat uniformly and quickly. It has a metallic rim for additional safety, a stainless steel lid and a unique body with rounded sides for easy stirring, removal of food and cleaning. Its 60-microns thick, hard anodised base helps absorb heat and keeps the body new for years. The pressure cooker weighs around 1.3kg and measures 35.6 x 17.8 x 21.6-cms making it easy to handle and store.

Pigeon 12007  Pressure cooker

Pigeon presents the 12007 pressure cooker with a gas and induction compatible base for a hassle-free cooking experience. This affordable pressure cooker is made from high-grade aluminium and has a capacity of 3 litres, making it a great choice for small families and bachelors. Pigeon has equipped it with a metallic safety plug, precision weight valve and a nitrile gasket for easy cooking while preventing any cooking mishaps. Its ergonomic handles combined with outer lid design results in a user-friendly cooker that’s easy to use. It weighs 1.44kg and measures 30.5 x 20.5 x 18 – cms making it one of the lightest and smallest pressure cookers you can find at this price in the market.

Borosil Pronto  Pressure cooker

Borosil has years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality cookware, and this pressure cooker is the perfect example of that. Borosil Pronto has a thick base that’s compatible with induction as well as stoves and provides uniform heating. It has a capacity of 5 litres, making it the ideal choice for small to medium families. Borosil has equipped it with easy-grip bakelite handles that ensure easy handling without fail, even at high temperatures. It has a stainless steel body along with a durable gasket for easy and quick cooking. To ensure the user’s safety, Borosil has installed a pressure locked safety lid and safety valve under the handle. The pressure cooker weighs around 2kg and measures 44 x 21.3 x 14-cms, making it easy to handle and store.  

Prestige Svachh Pressure cooker

Prestige is one of the best brands for manufacturing quality kitchenware, and this pressure cooker is no different. Prestige Svachh is a stainless steel pressure cooker with a capacity of 5 litres, making it an optimal choice for small to medium-sized families. It has a thick anti-bulge base that works on both induction as well as gas stoves. Prestige has equipped it with a metallic safety plug that lets out steam when the temperature/pressure rises above the safe level. Its unique deep-dish design controls the spillage of liquids that’s inside it. Its hard bakelite handles help in easy handling and require low maintenance. This pressure cooker from Prestige weighs 3.15kg and measures 41 x 25 x 17.5 cms.

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