Best affordable air coolers for a medium-sized home

Best affordable air coolers for a medium-sized home

Indian summers are usually hot and sometimes can even be dangerous, but with modern air coolers, the heat is kept at bay. Coolers are not only more energy efficient but also add moisture to the air, beating away the dry heat. So, if you’re looking for the ideal air cooler, here is a list of the best desert air coolers on Amazon to keep you cool this summer. 

V-Guard Whiz Air VGD65H Desert Cooler

With soaring temperatures, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay relaxed in the summers. That’s where the V-Guard Whiz comes in as it packs tetra airflow cooling. This technology does not just ensure cool air but also a constant, unbroken flow of air. Furthermore, it packs anti-fungal cellulose “honeycomb” cooling parts, which last longer than the ordinary ones, and also do a better job of keeping water in the cooler cool. Unidrip water flow in the cooler allows for the even spread of water, resulting in the flow of fresh air. Corrosion-resistant fan blades are what make the cooler long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Symphony Jumbo 65 DB Desert Air Cooler

If cooling is the need of the hour, your search ends here. The water tank capacity of 61 litres, larger cooling pad area and smooth air movement make the Jumbo 65DB ideal for cooling expansive areas. It comes with 3-side cooling pads, ensuring effective cooling. Consuming 235 watts of energy, this cooler compliments rooms up to 92 cubic meters. The pump of the cooler works on dura-pump technology, which ensures the long life of the pump. The powerful double blower, cool flow dispenser, and automatic vertical swing ensure better airflow and cools your entire room.

Mccoy 70 L Desert Air Cooler

The McCoy Marine 70-litre air cooler is a desert air cooler designed for an outdoor area or large room and is suitable for dry regions. Enjoy special features like inverter friendly, water level indicator, air delivery rate of 3600 cu.m/hr with 3 different fan speeds, power consumption of 195 Watts only with 4 castor wheels for easy movements. Double ball bearing for powerful air delivery and incredibly faster. It has a motorised vertical louvre movement. The cooler’s body is made of high strength engineering plastic that makes it corrosion free and shockproof materials. The unique float valve mechanism keeps the machine's cooling pads constantly soaked in water. 

Natural Air Cooler Combo 30-30

Say goodbye to heat during summer with this air cooler. With multiple innovative features, such as easy-to-remove wood wool pads, an ice chamber and thanks to the castor wheels, you can conveniently move this heavy appliance from one place to another. This air cooler is designed to use less electric power as it runs on the operating cost of a fan. The cooler is equipped with a powerful 12" fan with 5 wings that are specially designed with a grill that ensures better air throw and faster cooling. It comes fitted with 3-side wood wool cooling pads, which ensure effective cooling. Incidentally, it includes a unique fan design for low noise cooling.

Hindware Snowcrest ARCTIC 90L Desert Cooler

The Hindware Snowcrest Arctic 90L Desert Air-Cooler with its 90L capacity is ideal for the upcoming harsh summer season. For uninterrupted cooling on those long summer days, the 90-litre capacity will be handy, as it does not need to be refilled all that often and will last an entire day or even more. Its classic black and white colour scheme make it an easy decor match. It also has a sleek and stylish modular design, making it the right pick for all kinds of locations- in the home, at the office or just in your living room. To ensure cool air delivery, it packs in a honeycomb design side grille, which keeps the inner water cool, which results in fresh, cool air. Incidentally, the fans are also built for high air delivery.
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