Best action and 360 cameras for rugged shoots

Best action and 360 cameras for rugged shoots

If you love travelling and engaging in adventure sports, then you need a camera that can handle outdoor conditions and deliver great shots too. There are many different cameras available on Amazon, and choosing the right one can be challenging. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of some of the best action and 360-degree cameras that are ideal for rugged shoots.

GoPro Hero9

The GoPro Hero9 is one of the latest offerings from the brand and is an ideal option for people who travel a lot as it has a 23.6MP sensor and shoots videos in 5K resolution. As a result, you can expect clear images and videos that you can share on social media. You can also stream live videos in 1080p resolution, and this should be good enough to ensure your social media followers can see everything in the frame. The GoPro Hero9 has a 1720mAh battery capacity, and this should last a fair while. 

Apeman 4K Action Camera

The Apeman 4K Action Camera is a good option if you plan to participate in an underwater shoot. This is because the camera is waterproof up to 40-m, and this should let you take some cool shots without damaging its internal components. The camera comes with an external microphone so that you can record audio while shooting. If you want to publish creative videos on your Youtube channel, you’ll be glad to know that this camera supports a variety of modes like timelapse, slow motion, burst mode, selfie mode and so on. 

Insta360 One R Twin Edition

The Insta360 One R Twin Edition is a compact camera that you can carry along on all your journeys. It has an IPX8 rating, and you can submerge it in water (up to 5-m). You can shoot panoramic videos in 5.7K resolution and slow-motion panoramic videos in 3K resolution at 100fps. The wide-angle lens also lets you shoot slow-motion videos in 4K at 200fps. It is also equipped with FlowState technology that should prevent shakes in the video.

Campark X30

The Campark X30 has a native 4K resolution and shoots at 60fps. It has a built-in Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) feature that uses the 6-axis gyroscope to ensure your videos and photographs are levelled properly. You can dive as deep as 131-ft with this camera as it is waterproof up to the depth as mentioned above. The Campark X30 has a 2-inch touchscreen that should simplify the process of selecting different modes and viewing your images and videos. 

Kajoli Anand Puri

Kajoli Anand Puri

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