Automatic Day and Night Switches with Photocell Sensors

Automatic Day and Night Switches with Photocell Sensors

Managing the lighting of indoor and outdoor settings can become extremely easy with the use of photocell sensors. These sensors detect the intensity of light rays on the cell and accordingly turn the light on and off. At dawn, the sensor uses the switch to automatically turn off the light and as soon as it starts getting dark at dusk, the photocell switch turns the light on. This automatic day and night switch can help in securing the exterior of your house.

Quick Sense Auto Day/Night on and Off Photocell

Quick Sense QS-301 Waterproof 220 V Auto Day/Night on and Off Photocell Switch consumes minimum current to detect the ambient light around the lamp. It works intelligently to turn on a streetlight, LED light, garden light, and incandescent lamp as soon as the sun sets. Remember, this is built for alternating current (AC), and will not work in a direct current (DC), or battery operated setup. 

Blackt Electrotech Auto Day/Night on and Off Photocell

Blackt Electrotech Plastic White Water Proof 230 Volt Auto Day/Night on and Off Photocell comes with an extremely high capacity for detecting light in powerful sources like the streetlight. The packaging comes with a manual that instructs you to install the sensor safely in the source as required. It comes with an 18 month repair / replacement warranty, just in case something goes wrong. 

xcluma Automatic Street Light Lighting Switch Photocell

The highlight of the xcluma Photo Control Sensor Automatic Street Light Lighting Switch is its lightweight. It can be easily installed in any source (for instance lamps or streetlights) and can be used for years. Majorly, this sensor is used in highways, parks, farms, airports, gardens, and factories. The packaging includes one photocell sensor with a switch. 

Sisah Auto Day/Night On/Off Photocell Sensor Switch

Sisah 220 Volt Auto Day/Night On/Off Photocell, LDR Sensor Switch is best for use in an outdoor environment where managing the frequent turning on and off of the light source is not possible. The sensor works perfectly for switching the wide-area light sources on and off automatically depending on the time of the day.
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